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2020 NFL Draft

Draft grades roundup: Experts applaud Browns getting value without a 1st-round pick

The 2019 NFL Draft is complete, new prospects are figuring out the logistics of their new employment, and we're all left to take a deep breath and a moment to collect ourselves.

Well, not entirely.

As with most things in sports these days, we must immediately judge and know how a team fared in the ever-important offseason. As such, draft grades have been published aplenty.

As someone who was once tasked with this exercise, I'll first advise patience, understanding and room for error. We truly don't know how anyteam really did in the draft. We won't know for a few years.

Now, onto the instant reaction:

Greedy Williams is a Cleveland Brown. Take a look at photos of the LSU cornerback, whom the Browns selected 46th overall Friday in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Kiper applauds Browns general manager John Dorsey for finding good value in Sheldrick Redwine and Mack Wilson, approves of the selection of Greedy Williams and includes a half-letter grade bump for the acquisition of Odell Beckham, which cost the Browns their 2019 first-round pick.

Reuter is another one who gave the Browns' grade a boost due to the Beckham deal, but he generally approved of all of Cleveland's picks. Dorsey's Day 3 haul got this sterling review:

"Redwine's versatility made him worth a fourth-round selection, and Wilson was a big value in the fifth round. Seibert was the best kicker in the draft. Forbes could play tackle or guard for the Browns. Lewis was a good find in the seventh."

Kadar doesn't dislike any picks, but thinks the third-round selection of Sione Takitaki was "a little early for him." Kadar's grade is largely based on how many starters the Browns added, saying "Cleveland needed depth more than starters this year, so there's not a ton to get excited about."

View photos of BYU linebacker Sione Takitaki, whom the Browns selected with the 80th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Prisco gave marks of approval for Cleveland's fourth-round selection of Redwine. His summary: "They traded their first-round pick to the Giants for Odell Beckham Jr., which is a win for them. Greedy Williams is an outstanding cover player, but he needs to work on his tackling. The rest of the draft was just OK."

Ruiz, like a couple of the other writers, is a tad underwhelmed by the Browns' class that was heavy on Day 3 prospects. He graded by a three-round GPA scale, which includes Williams and Takitaki, and gave the Browns a 3.0 (equal to a B.

Walter Football approved of the Browns filling needs with initial selections of Williams, Takitaki and Redwine, but wasn't a fan of all of the picks. The said wrote Cleveland's picks were "either hit of miss, with the hits and misses being distributed evenly."

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