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Press Conference

Freddie Kitchens talks final prep for Baltimore, player status updates - Press Conference 

Opening statement:

"It is mental from this point on until Sunday. Our guys need to spend time focusing on what they have to do we have to do and doing their job."

On if he feels good about DT Sheldon Richardson and C JC Tretter playing:

"I do. They are questionable, though, so we will see. They have to make it through the next two days without certain things happening – swelling up and stuff like that."

On DE Olivier Vernon's and S Eric Murray's availability for Sunday:
"I do not know. They are questionable right now."

On if there is an 'us against the world' mentality for this week's game against the Ravens:

"A lot of times, it is us against us – us just making sure we are doing what we are doing and controlling what we can control, and that is our job."

On if he has ever used an 'us against the world' mentality for a game:

"No, I have never used that."

On if he references their previous win over the Ravens as an example for the players:
"If we do not do our job this week, we are not going to have the result that we want. We have to do our job individually this week."

On the significance of defeating another divisional opponent and finishing with five-consecutive wins at home:

"I have not really focused on what has happened. I am just trying to make it through this week to make sure our guys are prepared for this week and make sure their concentration and focus is on this week. That is it."

On if he feels the team is prepared and fully attentive for this week's game:

"I think you get judged weekly. If you lose badly, somebody did not get ready, and that falls on me. I feel like these guys are ready to play. We will find out Sunday."

On if the Browns have done anything differently this week to prepare for Sunday:

"No, they have to go execute now."

On if the Browns defense will be better this week:

"It is very simple. If everybody does their job, we will be successful. If everybody has their eyes where they are supposed to be, we will be successful. If everybody has the gap that they are supposed to have, we will be successful. If we are not and if we do not, we will not be. It is truly that simple."

On if the Browns defense is taking those steps in practice:

"I think our guys are working hard to prepare to play Baltimore on Sunday."

On if practices this week have gone as desired:


On how much more can be done with the backfield tandem of RB Kareem Hunt and RB Nick Chubb:

"I think with a player as dynamic as Kareem is and a runner that is as good as Nick is, I think you can always add things."

On if he is surprised with some of the things Hunt has been capable of doing:

"No, I evaluated him coming out of college and I knew him pretty well as far as what we were getting from an ability standpoint and the things he could do from a skillset standpoint."

On Hunt being an addition this week who was not available against the Ravens in Week 4:

"Definitely, I think anytime you can add a good player, it is good for you as a team. Everyone has to play well though. It can't be just one guy."

On slowing down the Ravens TE corps, particularly Ravens TE Mark Andrews:

"They do a good job in the play action pass game and getting those guys the ball, especially down in the red zone. They are big time targets in the red zone. [Ravens QB Lamar Jackson] has 33 touchdown passes so he is doing something right when he gets down there."

On Jackson's passing ability in the red zone and how important that is for a QB:

"I think anytime the field diminishes, you have to be able to see and anticipate and throw into windows, and I think Lamar is doing a good job of that."

On the importance of players playing and practicing hard down the stretch, particularly given the decreased playoff percentages:
"I would say this about that: I would just say generically speaking, if you have got to worry about a guy playing hard, you have got the wrong guy. It is as simple as that."

On if ensuring all 53 players are competing hard down the stretch is a reality a head coach has to face:

"We do not have a problem with guys playing hard. We just need to be consistent in everything we do."

On if energy and effort are the same or different to him, referencing comments about the team coming out flat last week:

"I do think energy and effort are two totally different things. I think part of the discrepancy is you can sometimes have energy and still have effort, and it is not perceived that way because of your success. Ultimately, your energy flat lines so that makes it seem like sometimes the effort is not there. I think our guys give effort. Sometimes that gets mistaken with energy."

On if Jackson is throwing the ball best in any particular area of the field:

"I think he is doing a good job throwing the ball horizontally, as well as vertically. I think he is doing a good job of both of them."

On who will start at RT:

"We have a couple of guys questionable at that spot so we will see what we have on Sunday."

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