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Joe Thomas' Film Room

Introducing Joe Thomas' Film Room, a video series/podcast breaking down the NFL's top pass rushers

Joe Thomas saw it all during his 11 seasons with the Browns.

And now, he has a unique view to see even more from an analyst's perspective.

"Joe Thomas' Film Room" is a new video and podcast series that taps into Thomas' X's and O's expertise while allowing him to tell some of his favorite stories from his playing days. The series, which launched today, will run throughout the offseason and analyze some of the NFL's top pass rushers of recent past and present.

The first installment centers on Rams' defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who just took home his second straight NFL Defensive Player of the Year. From the moment he arrived in the NFL, Donald has wreaked havoc on opposing offensive linemen and quarterbacks. Thomas got to see it firsthand just once in his career, but he's grown an appreciation watching him on the All-22 footage that is featured heavily in this series.

Give it a watch or a listen. There will be more to come in the coming weeks.