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Joe Thomas' Film Room

Joe Thomas' Film Room, Episode 10: How do you stop Myles Garrett? Good luck

The season finale of Joe Thomas' Film Room focuses on a player Thomas never had to block in a game that mattered.

Thomas couldn't have been happier about that fact, too.

Episode 10 stays as close to home as it gets, as Thomas breaks down Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett in this final installment. Over the past two seasons, Thomas has watched nearly every one of Garrett's while the former No. 1 pick has emerged as one of the NFL's top pass rushers.

"He is one of the most explosive players, not just watching him on the field, but watching him work in the weight room," Thomas said. "The way he can just quickly throw weights around is just remarkable."

After battling through injuries during his rookie season, Garrett thrived in 2018, finishing with 13.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and his first Pro Bowl nod.

Every episode of Joe Thomas' Film Room can be found at or on the Cleveland Browns YouTube channel.