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Joe Thomas' Film Room

Joe Thomas' Film Room, Episode 3: How do you stop Khalil Mack?

Big? Check.

Fast? Check.

Strong? Check.

Smart? Check.

In the eyes of Joe Thomas, Bears All-Pro pass rusher Khalil Mack checks all of the boxes. That was the impression Thomas got when he squared off against Mack in 2014, when he was just a rookie out of the University at Buffalo, and that's only been strengthened after Mack's continued his five-year stretch of dominance this season with the Bears.

"When you start putting all those things together," Thomas said, "there's really no weaknesses."

Thomas does his best to devise a plan on how to stop Mack in this week's episode of "Joe Thomas' Film Room." Thomas highlights some of the times he and the Browns offensive linemen were able to limit Mack's impact in their games in 2014 and 2015 while stressing just how difficult it is to accomplish on every single play.

Give it a watch or listen. Episode 4 will air next Tuesday.