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Press Conference

Kevin Stefanski: 'We are in this to win it'

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:
Opening statement:
"We just gave a game ball out, and I think it is important. You guys I am sure it before the game. Our Browns family is hurting a lot right now. We lost Bridget McDevitt – the wife of Ted Tywang, our general counsel/vice president – to cancer. Everybody knows what is going on with Crucial Catch. It affects everybody, an awful disease. We are hurting, but we want to make sure that Ted and his family got a game ball and we were thinking about them and talking about them throughout all this.

"On the game, with the injuries, I will start with (G) Wyatt Teller has a calf strain. He will have an MRI in the morning. (S) Ronnie Harrison (Jr.) has a concussion. We will know more about that in the next couple days. (LB) Jacob Phillips has a knee injury. He will have an MRI in the morning, and we will know more about that. The game, it was a hard-fought game. We knew that it was going to be a physical game. That is a very good football team. I think that was a great team win. That was all about the team. It was not pretty at times. It was not perfect. Offensively, we did not put our defense in a great spot very often in that second half, but for us to come away with a pick-six and a safety was outstanding. A great team win."

On if QB Baker Mayfield was injured in the second half:
"Yeah, it was ribs, and we will have an X-ray here later."

On DE Myles Garrett coming up with another big play with his pressure on Colts QB Philip Rivers in the end zone that led to a safety:
"He seems to do that. He is a great player, and we need him to be a great player. He is answering the bell."

On Harrison and WR Rashard Higgins stepping up after not receiving as much play time in recent weeks:
"And (S) Sheldrick Redwine. Guys step up. That is the nature of the National Football League. Played a good team. It is a physical game and guys step up when their number is called. I am proud of them."

On the difference in the Browns offense from the first to second half:
"Good question. I would have to watch it to give you a good answer. [The Colts] made some plays. We could not get in a rhythm. We did not rip any runs out of there. That is a very good defense. I think everybody knows that. We traded some body blows, but a credit to them for making life hard on us."

On RB D'Ernest Johnson's 28-yard run on third down of the last drive to help maintain the lead:
"It was unbelievable. What a great job by D'Ernest. Man, did we need that. That was a great effort. I would have to watch it. I do not know how we got loose there so quickly, but he did a great job, stayed in bounds and great ball security so nice job."

On if the Browns offense expected to need to throw the ball against the Colts defense today and why the Browns were so effective throwing it in the first half:
"We knew nothing was going to be easy today. Just felt like there were going to be some opportunities to make plays in the pass game – we felt at least. They were there, and we connected on a few. We have to be ready in any game to play the game that is called for. I just felt like that was important for us early. We will make sure that we find ways to move the ball any which way we can."

On the lift and energy the Browns' defensive takeaways provided in the game:
"That was outstanding. Again, we needed it. That is what great team wins are. Oftentimes, when one side of the ball is not getting it done, the other side picks them up. That was outstanding. Obviously, we can't let happen what happened on that kickoff there with the ball coming back down for a touchdown for them. That is obviously not playing complementary football. We have to be better there, but Ronnie's pick was huge."

 On the Browns starting the season 4-1 for the first time since 1994 and the excitement from the fans tonight:
"I thought our fans were outstanding tonight. There were 12,000 strong. They were loud. They were into it. Our team absolutely feeds off their energy. Really, really pleased with our fans this evening."

On if he knew the Browns could have this kind of success with the new coaching staff and players despite the challenges with the pandemic or if he expected it to take longer for the team to come together:
"I think we have a ways to go. Obviously, we are in this to win it. We know that every week we are trying to win these games, and they are going to be hard. I think we are thinking about the next one. We will celebrate this one for a few hours here, but the challenge is coming next week, which is how this NFL comes at you every single week. I think our guys understand the focus has to really be week to week, but we will celebrate this one first."

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