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2020 NFL Draft

Miami S Sheldrick Redwine's 1st press conference as a Cleveland Brown

On if he spent a lot of time with and established a relationship Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith throughout the draft process:

"Oh yeah, definitely. Met with him at the Combine. At my Pro Day, I talked to him a lot. Even at my training facility, I saw him there one time. We did like a little free agent tryout. He was there for a little bit so I talked to him a little bit there, too. Overall throughout the process, I made a good connection with Highsmith."

On transitioning from CB to S:

"(Former Miami defensive coordinator and current Head) Coach (Manny) Diaz, he wanted me to make the transition just to put a lot more game experience in the back end. As far as safety wise, just being a communicator and somebody who has had game experience and toughness. You have to be tough to play safety. It was a smooth transition for me. I had my struggles, ups and downs my first year, but I feel like I put together a more complete season my second year."

On if he has a relationship with other Hurricanes with the Browns:

"Definitely. (TE David) Njoku, (DE) Chad (Thomas), (RB) Duke Johnson (Jr.). I have a good relationship with those guys. I have not heard too much from them. I have not heard too much about it. When we get around, it is not always about football. It is never really always talking about the organization, it is more of just a regular conversation."

On liking to hit opposing players:

"Oh yeah, definitely. Since I was a young boy, the parks that I played on, that is how we were brought up. You had to know how to hit. You had to know how to be tough or you were not going to make it. That is really how I adjusted to it."

On if his upbringing helps him playing in the box and if he feels more comfortable close to the line of scrimmage:

"I feel comfortable anywhere, but definitely in the box, you have to be aggressive down there in the box with those big bodies and stuff. I feel like I can play anywhere."

On CB Greedy Williams:

"He played with one of my cousins that was from the same area that I was from – John Battle at LSU. John always told me that Greedy was a great player, a feisty cover corner. Having somebody like that coming in with me, another DB, we will make this transition smooth."

On TE David Njoku and his potential:

"A great player. Njoku is a freak athlete at tight end. Makes the hard catches. Fast, big and everything that you look for in a tight end. Him at U-M, he was a matchup nightmare versus other teams."

On choosing Miami:

"Staying home. I always grew up a Miami fan. I got offered late in the process. When I got the opportunity late in the process, I just took it and ran with it. The U was always the first choice, even when I didn't have an offer from them."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

"I haven't contacted him lately, but definitely he has come back in the past. I have spent time with him – him and a couple of my other teammates that's in the NFL that he was with, too."

On if he brings a 'dog or alpha' mentality:

"Oh yeah, definitely I bring that type of mentality. Like I said earlier, it just comes from my upbringing, my childhood and the park that I played on, the high school that I came from and the college that I came from. Coach Diaz, for him if you are not going to be tough, if you are not going to tackle or if you ae scared, then you are not going to be able to make it. You are not going to be able to play. It comes from childhood and how I have always been like that. Football is controlled aggression so you can't just be out there wild hitting everybody. Missing alignment and missing assignments, you have to bring it to another level."

On the park he played football at as a kid:

"Richmond Giants. It is called Richmond Park, but the logo was Richmond Giants."

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