Rocky River Dominates First High School Game of the Week

Football is back, and with it High School Game of the Week! Starting off the 2017 season were rivals Rocky River and Fairview.

This was Rocky River's 101st season opener and the 83rd anniversary of the two schools coming face to face, also known as the "Battle of Wagar."

The first quarter started off with 5-yard touchdown pass from Rocky River Quarterback Michael Finnegan to Guard Matt Popovich. This put Rocky River on the board and in the lead 7-0.

In the second quarter Fairview responded with a touchdown by Running Back Jack Provenza, however the kick was blocked and left the team trailing 7-6. Rocky River quickly lit up the scoreboard with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Running Back Dameon Crawford putting them ahead 14-6.

After the half, Crawford stunned with 43-yard touchdown run followed by a 2-yard rush into the endzone. Rocky River sustained the lead and added another 12-yard touchdown pass in the final quarter by Wide Receiver Ryan O'Donnell.

Rocky River emerged victorious, 35-6, at the end of the fourth. This is the fifth consecutive year Rocky River has beaten Fairview in the season opener.

Fairview had a total of 27 passing yards and 144 rushing yards throughout the game.

Rocky River's Finnegan had 232 passing yards while MVP Crawford had 135 rushing yards, nearly equaling the total amount put on by Fairview.

Dameon was unanimously selected as the game's Most Valuable Player. He and Head Coach Josh Wells will be honored at the Browns home opener against the Steelers on September 10th.

Congratulations to Rocky River for becoming the 2017 High School Game of the Week's first winner!

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