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Trinity Trumps Oberlin

Trinity and Oberlin met Friday night to kick off the third match of High School Game of the Week.

The game started off red hot as both teams scored on their opening drives. Trinity then went up 14-6 after a 2-yard Quarterback keeper by Kevin McSweeney.

Trinity started to run away with the game in the second quarter after McSweeney and Clay Anderson connected on a 35-yard pass to go up 21-6. However, Oberlin wasn't done. They answered back with a 7-yard run from Runningback Devin Randleman. Trinity Runningback Andrew Kenega stormed back to finish off the half leading 29-14.

In the second half, Oberlin could not stop Kenega as he had his second touchdown of the night. Along with Trinity's run game, they also were able to get the turnovers. They ended the 3rd quarter with a big scoop and score by Anderson who took it 63-yards to the house.

In the final quarter, despite being down 42-14, Oberlin did not give up. They answered back with Quarterback Devan Yarber by taking it to the house. Trinity and Oberlin exchanged touchdowns to finish out the game, but Trinity came out on top with the ending score 49-30.

Of course no game is complete without a feel good moment. Tammy Gilbert, born and raised in Oberlin, is a volunteer for Oberlin home games. She recruits parents of the marching band to volunteer in the "Snack Shack" to raise funds for their kids band expenses.

The MVP for the game was Trinity's own Kenaga. Kenaga finished the game with 3 touchdowns and 231-yards rushing. Both Head Coach Jeff McSweeney and MVP Kenaga will be honored at the Cleveland Browns home opener this Sunday against the Steelers.

Congratulations to Trinity on winning this weeks High School Game of the Week.

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