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What the Browns' fan experience team does to make each training camp practice, game special

The office of Carlos Oseguera isn't much different than the office of any other Browns employee inside the team headquarters in Berea.

A television is mounted beside his computer as music plays softly from a pair of speakers on his desk. A couple of footballs are sprawled on a counter behind him, and a Joe Thomas autograph is displayed on an orange sign commemorating the future Hall of Fame offensive linemen in the corner.

He also has a massive whiteboard on the wall across from his desk, and a calendar that displays the next four months with important dates are outlined in each space. The Sunday columns are full, obviously.

Every detail, activity and nuance of a Browns fan's experience at training camp in Berea or at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland runs through the office of Oseguera, the Browns' senior director of fan experience and special events.

Oseguera is the leader of a team of three full-time employees -- Corey Kinder, Megan Rock and Shelby O'Brien -- who have been mapping out those ideas since the year began. Plans for Week 17 of the regular season have been finalized since February, and what fans have seen so far in training camp was formulated in March.

It's all taken lots of creative minds and a knack for time management.

"We try and build our show as if we're going to the playoffs," Oseguera said. "We need to make sure we're as good as we can be because that's what's expected from us, and that's what I expect from my team."

Right now, Oseguera's team, who he gives all the credit to, is in "the grind." They make the Browns' practice facilities presentable for 15 open practices to close to 3,000 fans nearly each day until the regular season starts. With the majority of practices beginning at 10 a.m., the Browns fan experience team has been clocking in at 4 a.m. to ensure each fan receives the optimal experience during their time in Berea.

After the colossal offseason from John Dorsey's office across the hall, the team installed more than 1,500 additional bleacher seats to accommodate the heavy load of fans eager to see the Browns in training camp, and Oseguera's team ensures fans will have plenty to do aside from watching players in camp.

Fans have been given free hot dogs and sunglasses and can take pictures next to massive bobbleheads of Lou Groza, Otto Graham, Bernie Kosar and Joe Thomas. Through the first five days of camp, which have featured scorching hot temperatures, the Browns have distributed an average of 3,000 free bottles of water.

The biggest hit so far, though, has been the Puppy Pound, where fans can pet — and potentially adopt — puppies straight from training camp.

Thirty-nine puppies have been adopted after just five days of training camp and, since its inception in 2015, 399 puppies have found permanent homes. Some fans have secured a training camp ticket solely to adopt one of the pups.

"It's just one of those really unique things that align with our brand," Oseguera said. "Browns, the 'Dawg Pound,' the Puppy Pound. We give people not only the opportunity to come in and watch our guys practice and play, but everybody loves puppies. It's a gathering point for everybody."

Oseguera and the rest of his team have big things planned for the regular season, too. The Browns were given two primetime home games this season, and the fan experience team can't wait to show off its array of fireworks, flames and on-field performances to an energy-filled crowd under the lights at FirstEnergy Stadium.

It's hard for Oseguera's team to not look even further — yes, a home playoff game. That would be the grandest stage of all, and his group is already prepping for one – just like it does every year, no matter the expectations.

The promise of what lies ahead has made it fun for the team to imagine what might happen on a cold January afternoon at FirstEnergy Stadium.

"The pyro will be greater. The music will sound better. The anthem will be more electric. Kickoff will be nuts," Oseguera said. "It's going to be a different atmosphere in there. If we can get our fans in before kickoff and get them as loud as they can be, it's definitely going to be a home field advantage for us.

The annual Orange & Brown Scrimmage will take place on August 3rd at FirstEnergy Stadium.Click for information and tickets.

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