Videos - August 2021

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2021-08-02 Nick Chubb Highlights
2021-08-02 2 Minute Drill: Nick Chubb Contract Extension 
2021-08-02 Anthony Walker: "This is a time where you put the work in, and then on Sundays you let that show."
2021-08-02 Nick Chubb: "I can't ask for anything better than where I'm at. Cleveland is where I want to be."
2021-08-02 Kevin Stefanski on Nick Chubb: "He's a leader in his actions."
2021-08-03 Kareem Hunt on the beginning of camp: "I see a lot of talent, a lot of great players and teammates."
2021-08-03 Rashard Higgins: "At the end of the day we're all here to get better."
2021-08-03 Kevin Stefanski: "We need to practice hard, but we also need to take care of each other."
2021-08-03 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 6
2021-08-03 Browns Live: August 3 | Training Camp
2021-08-04 Browns Countdown: Training Camp Special
2021-08-04 Wyatt Teller Reacts to Madden 22 Ratings | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-04 Jadeveon Clowney: "I'm looking for a big year, and with the guys around me that can happen."
2021-08-04 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "I'm just ready to get back out there as soon as possible."
2021-08-04 Jason Tarver: "We were more efficient this season when we got in to pads than we were in the past."
2021-08-04 Chad O'Shea: "I think that we've created a competitive environment in the receiver position."
2021-08-04 Kevin Stefanski on first padded practice: "I thought the red zone work was great."
2021-08-04 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 7
2021-08-05 Joe Thomas & Mack Wilson talk Training Camp! | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-06 Mack Wilson on coping with injuries: "I was able to climb back because that's what true fighters do."
2021-08-06 Greedy Williams: "Everybody's competing in the DB room."
2021-08-06 Donovan Peoples-Jones: "I feel like I can do everything."
2021-08-06 Kevin Stefanski: "We're going to just compete every single day."
2021-08-06 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 8
2021-08-07 Troy Hill: "The competition level has been high this whole camp."
2021-08-07 Andrew Billings on being called one of the strongest in the league: "That's what I work for."
2021-08-07 Jack Conklin on Browns OL: "We've got a long ways to go to be the best."
2021-08-07 Kevin Stefanski: "Push each other, compete, and try and make each other better." 
2021-08-08 Baker Mayfield: "I expect a lot from all of our guys, we expect to have a lot of success." 
2021-08-08 Kevin Stefanski: "As long as we're continuing to learn and trying to get better with each rep"
2021-08-08 Sione Takitaki: "We got to attack the day."
2021-08-08 Paul DePodesta Interview Orange & Brown Practice | Browns Live
2021-08-08 Browns Live: August 8th Orange & Brown Practice
2021-08-08 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and Highlights from the Orange & Brown Practice | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-10 Greg Newsome II: "We're all making each other better"
2021-08-10 Kevin Stefanski on Malik Jackson: "He's been outstanding in the meeting rooms and practice field."
2021-08-10 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 11
2021-08-11 Wyatt Teller: "There's a lot of guys out here who are tough and they show it everyday"
2021-08-11 Jeff Howard: "We want to be fierce competitors"
2021-08-11 Bill Callahan: "I learn every day from these guys" 
2021-08-11 Kevin Stefanski on Wyatt Teller: "Tenacious, physical football player"
2021-08-11 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 12
2021-08-12 Jordan Elliott: "I'm just doing the best that I can do on a daily basis."
2021-08-12 Demetric Felton on if he prefers RB or WR: "My only preference is putting the ball in my hands."
2021-08-12 A.J. Green & The Dawg Days Of Camp | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-12 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah on preseason opener: "I'm probably looking to play a lot."
2021-08-12 Kevin Stefanski: "We're just going to do what we think is right for the Cleveland Browns"
2021-08-13 Building The Browns 2021: Training Camp | Part 1 (Ep. 6)
2021-08-14 Keenum rips fastball to Peoples-Jones to start game
2021-08-14 Browns strip-sack Trevor Lawrence on QB's first snap
2021-08-14 Peoples-Jones twists body for one-handed snag vs. Shaquill Griffin
2021-08-15 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah records first preseason sack on Minshew
2021-08-15 Can't-Miss Play: Davion Davis Mosses DB for unreal TD before half
2021-08-15 LeCounte III records interception to close second half
2021-08-15 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Jaguars
2021-08-15 Case Keenum Postgame Press Conference vs. Jaguars
2021-08-15 Greg Newsome II Postgame Press Conference vs. Jaguars
2021-08-15 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Postgame Press Conference vs. Jaguars
2021-08-15 Browns vs. Jaguars Postgame Analysis
2021-08-15 Kevin Stefanski: "Really proud of our guys and how they competed"
2021-08-16 'Top 100 Players of 2021': Jarvis Landry No. 94
2021-08-16 'Top 100 Players of 2021': Baker Mayfield No. 71
2021-08-17 Anthony Schwartz Reacts to his Madden 22 Rating | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-17 Anthony Walker: "If I'm on the football field I'm going 100 miles an hour"
2021-08-17 Kevin Stefanski on DE play vs. Jacksonville: "I was really pleased with how they came off the ball."
2021-08-17 2 Minute Drill: Training Camp Day 14
2021-08-18 Stump Mitchell: "If you got skill, coach Stefanski will make it happen" 
2021-08-18 Ronnie Harrison: "I just like playing football"
2021-08-18 Grant Delpit: "I'm not behind at all"
2021-08-18 Kevin Stefanski on fans attending practice: "They definitely make a difference."
2021-08-18 Ben Bloom on Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "He's got playmaking ability"
2021-08-18 Baker Mayfield Interview | 2021 Training Camp
2021-08-18 Browns Roster Battles: Defensive Ends
2021-08-18 Browns Live: August 18 | Training Camp
2021-08-19 Nick Chubb: "I practice hard every day"
2021-08-19 Jedrick Wills: "I feel a lot more comfortable"
2021-08-19 Anthony Schwartz: "I love getting better"
2021-08-19 Kevin Stefanski on first joint practice with the Giants: "Really thought it was competitive."
2021-08-19 Browns Live: Joint Practice Day 1 | Training Camp
2021-08-20 David Njoku: "Playing for myself, playing for my teammates, playing for the team"
2021-08-20 Baker Mayfield on joint practices: "You're trying to make these practices as game-like as possible."
2021-08-20 Browns Roster Battles: Wide Receiver
2021-08-20 Kevin Stefanski on second joint practice with the Giants: "The intensity was raised."
2021-08-20 Browns Live: Joint Practice Day 2 | Training Camp
2021-08-20 Rashard Higgins Interview | 2021 Training Camp
2021-08-21 Hollywood Higgins & The Giants Joint Practice Recap | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-22 Now that's a tight window! Keenum zips top-shelf TD to Hodge
2021-08-22 JoJo Natson is cleared for takeoff leaving his feet on end-around
2021-08-22 John Kelly bounces outside, wins race to the pylon for TD
2021-08-22 Davion Davis outmaneuvers CB for impressive high-point grab
2021-08-22 Browns stonewall Gary Brightwell on Giants' two-point try
2021-08-22 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Giants | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-22 Johnny Stanton and Malcolm Smith Postgame Press Conference vs. Giants | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-22 KhaDarel Hodge Postgame Press Conference vs. Giants | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-23 'Top 100 Players of 2021': Nick Chubb - No. 26
2021-08-23 Browns vs Giants Postgame Analysis
2021-08-23 Kevin Stefanski: "Really good situational football from our guys yesterday" | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-23 53 Puppies adopted from Puppy Pound at 2021 Browns Training Camp | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-24 Kevin Stefanski: "We support all of our guys" | Cleveland Browns
2021-08-24 James Hudson III: "Keep improving on what I'm doing"
2021-08-24 John Johnson III: "I just want to make sure everyone's comfortable."
2021-08-25 Joel Bitonio: "I'm ready to go when they call my name"
2021-08-25 Greg Newsome: "I've got some of the best teammates" 
2021-08-25 Kevin Stefanski on John Johnson: "It's like having another coach on the field"
2021-08-26 Jadeveon Clowney: "Rookies should be happy they got drafted here"
2021-08-26 Joe Woods on John Johnson: "John is a great leader"
2021-08-26 Mike Priefer: "I love this city, I love this franchise"
2021-08-26 Rookie Richard LeCounte III and Training Camp Awards | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-27 Stay In The Game! Network Story Time - Malik Jackson
2021-08-27 Kevin Stefanski: "Baker Mayfield will play in this game"
2021-08-27 Richard LeCounte: "I'm blessed to be here"
2021-08-27 Harrison Bryant on Baker Mayfield: "Baker has full command of the huddle"
2021-08-27 Match up versus the Atlanta Falcons
2021-08-30 Austin Hooper is all alone after Falcons collide for 35-yard catch and run
2021-08-30 Can't-Miss Play: Baker Mayfield's 22-yard TD is as accurate as a handoff
2021-08-30 Demetric Felton cooks up impressive juke medley on 37-yard return
2021-08-30 Jordan Elliott engulfs RB for TFL as soon as he takes the handoff
2021-08-30 D'Ernest Johnson has room to roam on 23-yard screen-pass pickup
2021-08-30 Jordan Elliott falls on Falcons' mishandled snap for takeaway
2021-08-30 John Kelly accelerates for speedy 26-yard pickup on third-and-long
2021-08-30 Jordan Franks' epic chase-down, strip helps Browns reclaim picked pass
2021-08-30 Cameron Malveaux rips past LT for fourth-down strip-sack
2021-08-30 Browns vs. Falcons Postgame Analysis
2021-08-30 Demetric Felton Postgame Press Conference vs. Falcons
2021-08-30 KhaDarel Hodge Postgame Press Conference vs. Falcons
2021-08-30 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Falcons
2021-08-30 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Falcons
2021-08-30 Davion Davis goes over DB to pluck impressive TD grab
2021-08-30 Kevin Stefanski: "This is a relationship business"
2021-08-31 2 Minute Drill: The Browns 53
2021-08-31 Kevin Stefanski: Getting this roster to 53 is very difficult, speaks to depth of roster
2021-08-31 The 53-man Roster Reveal | Best Podcast Available
2021-08-31 Anthony Schwartz: "It's great to still be here and a part of the team. I'm ready to work."