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Cleveland Browns Draft History

Draft History 1990-1999


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1Browns' choice traded to Green Bay, see 1989
2Hoard, LeroyRBMichigan45th overall
3Pleasant, AnthonyDETennessee State73rd
4Barnett, HarlonSMichigan St.101st
5Burnett, RobDESyracuse129th
6Hilliard, RandyCBNorthwestern State157th
7aGalbraith, ScottTEUSC178th
7bBrowns' choice traded to San Diego for RB Barry Redden
8Jones, JockLBVirginia Tech212th
9Rowell, EugeneWRSouther Mississippi240th
10Wallace, MikeCBJackson State268th
11Gordon, ClementeQBGrambling296th
12Simien, KerryWRTexas A&I323rd


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1Turner, EricSUCLA2nd overall
2King, EdGAuburn29th
3Jones, JamesDLNorthern Iowa57th
4Sagapolutele, PioDLSan Diego State85th
5choice traded to Miami for 1990 7th round pick
6Jackson, MichaelWRSouthern Mississippi141st
7choice traded to Green Bay for RB Brent Fullwood
8Conover, FrankDLSyracuse197th
9aIrvin, RayCBCentral Florida225th
9bWiggins, ShawnWRWyoming239th, choice acquired from Seattle for DL Bob Buczkowski
10Greenfield, BrianPPittsburgh252nd
11Jones, ToddOLHenderson State280th
12Austin, ElijahDLNorth Carolina State308th


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1Vardell, TommyRBStanford9th overall
2aBrowns' choice (36th overall) traded to Dallas, along with Browns' 5th (121st overall) round choice, for Cowboys' 2nd (52nd), 3rd (78th), 6th (163rd), 8th (222nd) and 12th (329th) round choices
2bRowe, PatrickWRSan Diego State52nd, choice from Dallas, see 2a
3aJohnson, BillDLMichigan State65th
3bDixon, GeraldLBSouth Carolina78th, choice from Dallas, see 2a
4choice traded to Philadelphia for OL Ken Reeves
5choice to Dallas, see 2a
6aSmith, RicoWRColorado143rd, choice from Tampa Bay for Browns' 6th and Dallas' 8th round choice, see 2a
6bchoice to Tampa Bay, see 6a
7Jones, SelwynDBColorado State177th
8achoice from Dallas to Tampa Bay, see 2a and 6a
8bchoice to New England for OL Freddie Childress
9Hill, TimDBKansas233rd
10Lowe, MarcusDTBaylor260th
11Olobia, AugstinWRWashington State289th
12aMcCant, KeithenQBNebraska316th
12bSimpson, TimOLIllinois339th, choice from Dallas, see 2a


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1aBrowns' choice (11th overall) traded for Denver's 1st round pick (14th overall) and 3rd round pick (83rd)
1bEveritt, SteveC/GMichigan14th overall, choice from Denver
2Footman, DanDEFlorida State42nd
3atraded to Detroit for DT Jerry Ball
3bCaldwell, MikeLBMiddle Tennessee State83rd, choice from Denver
4traded to Chicago for C Jay Hilgenberg
5Arvie, HermanOTGrambling124th
6McKenzie, RichLBPenn State153rd
7Hill, TravisLBNebraska180th
8traded to the L.A. Rams for LB Frank Stams


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1aLangham, AntonioCBAlabama9th overall
1bAlexander, DerrickWRMichigan29th, choice acquired from Philadelphia in exchange for the Browns' 2nd round choice (40th overall) in the 1994 draft and a 2nd round choice in the 1995 draft
2choice to Philadelphia, see 1b
3Bandison, RomeoDTOregon75th
4choice (112th overall) to Miami for OL Gene Williams in a 1993 trade
5Booth, IssacDBCalifornia142nd
6Strait, RobertFBBaylor171st
7Hewitt, HamzaOTClemson203rd


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1achoice to San Francisco for 49ers' 1995 1st (30th overall), 3rd (94th overall), 4th (119th overall) and 1996 1st round pick
1bPowell, CraigLBOhio State30th overall, choice from San Francisco, see 1a
2choice to Philadelphia, see 1994 round 2
3aZeier, EricQBGeorgia84th
3bFrederick, MikeDEVirginia94th, choice from SF, see 1a
4achoice to Jacksonville for 1995 5th and 1996 6th
4bchoice from San Francisco traded to Philadelphia for 1995 5th and 1996 5th
5aPupua, TauDTWeber State136th, choice from Jacksonville, see 4a
5bMiller, MikeWRNotre Dame147th, choice from Philadelphia, see 4b
6choice to San Diego in 1994 for CB Donald Frank
7Tellison, A.C.WRMiami231st, choice from NE for the Browns' 1995 7th round selection


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1Couch, TimQBKentucky1st overall
2aJohnson, KevinWRSyracuse32nd
2bAbdullah, RahimLBClemson45th
3aMcCutcheon, DaylonDBSouthern California62nd
3bSmith, MarquisDBCalifornia78th
4achoice traded to San Francisco along with the Browns' first pick in the 5th round for QB Ty Detmer and the 49ers' 4th round pick
4bchoice traded to San Francisco for FB Marc Edwards
4cRainer, WaliLBVirginia124th, choice from San Francisco, see 4a
5achoice traded to San Francisco, see 4a
5bChiaverini, DarrinWRColorado148th
6achoice traded to Seattle for the Seahawks' 6th round pick and the Patriots' 6th round pick through Seattle
6bSpriggs, MarcusDTTroy State174th, choice acquired from Chicago for the Browns' 2nd selection in the 6th round and the Browns' 2nd and 3rd selections in the 7th round
6cOgle, KendallLBMaryland187th, choice from Seattle, see 6a
6dDearth, JamesTETarleton State191st, choice from Seattle, see 6a
7aHill, MadreRBArkansas207th
7bchoice traded to Chicago, see 6b
7cchoice traded to Chicago, see 6b