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Burning Questions

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10 questions for Browns QB Tyrod Taylor, who's set to make FirstEnergy Stadium debut

There's no rattling Tyrod Taylor.

If you thought he'd give some headline-grabbing answers to questions about facing his old team Friday at FirstEnergy Stadium, you came to the wrong place.

Taylor was his usual, dialed-in self when he sat down with earlier this week. When you look back at what you accomplished in the preseason opener, is that about as good as you could have asked?

Taylor: It was definitely a good start. That's all it was, a start. We've got to continue building off it, learn from it, put it behind you and continue to move forward. We're still in training camp mode, diving into the details each and every day, myself included, and just trying to take the offense to the next level as well as the defense and special teams. What do you think clicked so well when you went into a no-huddle attack?

Taylor: It's something we work a lot in practice. Just about every practice we get a chance to go through our no-huddle package. We have a couple different fast tempo packages and we were able to get some practice with some in-game reps. I'm comfortable in that mode, it's something I've done before. (Offensive coordinator Todd Haley) has his trust in me to go out there and call those plays. The more we get a chance to work on it in practice, the better off we are, and it showed in the game. It's definitely a part of our game that we need to keep building and getting better at. The first-team offense didn't run the ball much, and the second group struggled. How important will the running game be toward this offense's success in the regular season?

Taylor: It goes hand in hand. Of course you want to make plays in the air but in order to do so we have to run the football well. That's what training camp is for. We get a chance to put the pads on and find out what guys are made of in the running game. We're grinding away each and every day. Guys are doing a great job in it and going out there establishing an attitude. It's definitely going to be big for us to be able to run the ball and pass the ball. You've made a point to set an example as a leader from Day 1 here. How has that evolved even more since the start of training camp?

Taylor: Just being more vocal, grabbing guys and making sure everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, the players are the ones out there executing plays. The more that we communicate and get on the same page, the better off we are. The coaches are doing a great job on details in meetings. It's my job to get everyone on the same page when we're not. Even if we are, I have to continue to build that chemistry on the field. How comfortable are you within the offense right now?

Taylor: I'm feeling very comfortable. There's still work to be done, progress to be made. We're pounding away each and every day just trying to get better. We're trying to take steps in the right direction. You don't want to take any steps backward. As the regular season is approaching, you want to keep climbing the ladder. Haley made a comment in the spring that this was one of his favorite QB rooms. How do you see it from your perspective?

Taylor: All of the guys are unique in their own skill sets. It's guys that have played, younger guys that are talented. It's the right blend. We all push each other in the classroom and on the field, and I think it just brings the best out of each and every one of us. Your chemistry with Jarvis Landry seems well-established. What's it like entering this second preseason game?

Taylor: It's been a strong relationship. It's one that's going to continue to keep growing. As we continue to keep playing, experiencing different reps on the field, we see things alike. We talk through a lot on the practice field and off the practice field. It's definitely a relationship we've got to keep growing and we're going to do that. It's the same with the other guys. Guys are stepping up all across the board and making plays. That's what it's about. I'm excited to see what guys do with each and every opportunity we get to hit the field and take our game to the next level. You knew what it was like in Buffalo to have a really good tight end to rely upon. What's it been like to see David Njoku take that big step in his second season?

Taylor: It's been awesome. Of course I worked out with him in the offseason, so I was able to see the type of athletic ability that he has. Actually seeing it in practice against the defense, it gets me excited to see some of the things he's capable of doing. Of course he's one of the fastest guys on the field when he gets the ball in his hands. I'm excited as far as his opportunity to make plays for us and make a difference for us in the offense. Is there such a thing as getting extra motivated for a preseason game because it's against your old team?

Taylor: You always get motivated any time you get a chance to compete. It's not about me, it's not about me playing Buffalo. It's more so the excitement of getting another opportunity for our team to grow. I'm looking forward to that opportunity because it was a good start against the Giants, but it was just a start. What are your thoughts going into your first game at FirstEnergy Stadium?

Taylor: I'm excited. The fans have been very supportive at our training camp, so I know it's going to be even more support in our home stadium. I'm looking forward to playing in front of our home fans and giving them something to cheer about.

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