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Alex Van Pelt says Browns offense should be prepared to 'hit the ground running' at training camp

The offseason has been a "new and different" one for offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, but the Browns know every other team is dealing with the same circumstances. 

The key, as he sees it, has been the tremendous buy-in from the Browns players.   

"Our team has done a great job of buying into this program and diving in and understanding that they need to pick this information up now, because when we get back together eventually it's going to be hitting the ground running," Van Pelt said on Thursday's edition of Cleveland Browns Daily.

The Browns do face challenges as a team that has new coordinators on both sides of the ball, but Van Pelt echoed head coach Kevin Stefanski when he said, "there is no excuse. We expect these guys to come in and compete and play at a high level from the start." 

One thing that has been both new and exciting for Van Pelt has been the ability to really break down film from the individual workouts that players are sending back. He noted that "teaching through the video" is new for him, but it has had some newly discovered benefits that he intends to carry with him going forward. 

"It's a hell of a deal," he said. "You get to actually slo-mo down and really zoom in and highlight just the quarterback's feet and be able to show him what you're looking for." 

Everyone is putting in the work because players and coaches alike know there are real opportunities for success for the Browns offense in 2020. 

"I'm excited about the players … to have this talented group of guys ... outstanding job by the scouting side putting these pieces in place for us as a group offensively," Van Pelt said. "We feel like we will be able to attack defenses in multiple ways and be able to play offense on our terms."

Beyond discussing the offseason program and the potential of this offense, Van Pelt talked about coaching techniques, common corrections, the depth of the install and much more in his 10-minute interview.

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Here are some of the top quotes from the interview. 

On how the staff has handled the challenging offseason:

"I think we've done a great job as a staff of accomplishing what we need to get done."

On what he misses the most with the virtual offseason:

"The interaction, the connectivity. Getting to know these guys face to face daily, in meetings … just getting to know them personally." 

On having Bill Callahan creating OL coaching videos due to the distanced offseason:

"That's some stuff I want for my personal library down the road."

On how he expects the playing field to level, even for teams with new staffs, once training camp resumes:

"Once you get together, it's football …it's just football. Once you put the pads on, it goes back to football and making plays."