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Andrew Billings explains why he sees 'great opportunity' with Browns - Conference Call

On his decision to sign with the Browns:

"I was just talking and going back and forth with the coaching staff. It seemed like a great opportunity for me as far as the team that I will be around, the new coaching staff and the environment."

On his familiarity with the Browns and the team's DTs:

"With their (defensive) tackles, I don't know much. I do know about (DT) Larry (Ogunjobi). I trained with him so that is a connection I have there. As far as [the defense] and how they are going to play, they are going to have a new defense coming in. As far as I know, they are good guys, athletic guys. I hope to get in there and start learning stuff and growing together."

On the messages from the Browns coaching staff that encouraged him to join Cleveland:

"It was the style of play. It was the style of play that we are going to incorporate and just my job. I don't want to go anywhere and they expect something that I don't expect or they want something that I don't want as far as I am still playing the same position and going between 2i and a 3-technique and stuff like that. Honestly, just the job, the technique and the style. Obviously, I like the coaches, as well."

On if he expects to play in a rotation on the Browns DL and his role:

"Any defensive line in the NFL, there is definitely going to be a rotation. From the jump Day 1, I think everything is going to be earned. You have to earn your way into the rotation. Just because they sign you doesn't mean you are going to get to play, and can earn my way up to that rotation."

On when he trained with Ogunjobi:

"We trained last summer. I went down to train with (Bengals DT) Geno (Atkins), but Larry was there. I met him there. A good guy."

On his impressions playing the Browns the past few seasons, particularly the team's offense:

"My impression is they do a really good of putting some pieces together on offense. The running back Nick Chubb, he is good. I have more of an impression of the offense than the defense, though, at this point, but I definitely see the potential and I see where they are going."

On if it was hard to leave the Bengals now as the team could be on the rise:

"At the end of the day, this is business. You don't want to always have to move, but I found a fit for me and a place where I was wanted, and that was good, too. Leaving the Bengals, it is always going to be hard to move and stuff, but as far as it goes, it really wasn't that hard – it is four hours down the road."

On lessons after being injured during his rookie season:

"It is a perspective of getting hurt, you definitely do not want to take anything for granted. Also, you have to remember I am playing a game for a living. It is always a blessing to do what you love. I do not take any game for granted or snap for granted."

On what Ogunjobi told him about the Browns when they trained together last summer:

"Honestly, I do not know if we even talked about much of that during training. I think it was more of us just talking about everything going on in the world. From what I have gathered, it seems like a great place to play and a great place to live and work."

On his goals for the next step in his career:

"The next step is definitely developing myself. After my rookie year, the step was to actually make the team and the next year was to actually start. Now, I think the step for me is learning more about developing myself into more of a complete player and a lot of off-the-field things, as well. Just improving on things I want to improve on every year – studying, watching my film and just really being a good teammate out there."

On the Browns DL and playing with players like DEs Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon and DTs Sheldon Richardson and Ogunjobi:

"I feel great about that. To go out there and play with those guys, it is always a good place to be surrounded by good people, good talent and people to learn from. I feel it will be a great opportunity for me. I am just going to try to soak up as much as I can."

On if he believes the Browns are on the cusp of being a playoff team despite winning fewer games last season:

"Yeah, something I have learned in the NFL is [making] the playoffs can sometimes be one play in a game. I think they are definitely in the right direction, have a lot more potential now and I think they are trending in an upward way."

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