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Community Highlights

Browns Community Highlights - April 8


Name:  Cliff Krasnosky 

Hometown: Fairview Park, OH

How they give back:

Cliff is a member of the American Legion and VFW 738, he does so much on his own as well as being a member of the legion but he wanted to highlight some of his volunteers who do such great work in the community to #give10 as well. They have nearly 100 members who fought for our country at some point in time but still continue to serve others on home soil. On a consistent basis you can find the group doing color guard for high school games, assisting at the nursing home, Brecksville VA hospital during the holidays distributing care packages to at least 140 patients and conducting an annual scholarship program for students

Name: Hikia Dixon

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

How they give back:

Hikia is the family readiness group volunteer leader for the 583rd Military Police Company in which her son commands. She says the role was thrust upon her but once she began it was so enjoyable. The group raises funds for military families in need of extra help with their rent, bills or food for their children. She has been the FRG Leader for the last three years and it has been a rewarding and positive position to assist military families in need. They hold more than three events a year for the children, troops and the families as a whole. In May they will host their event in Akron and they are expecting to serve at least 75 families.

Name: Cliff Sweeney

Hometown: University Heights, Ohio

How they give back:

Cleveland Heights University Heights teacher Cliff Sweeney is involved in his students lives in and outside of the classroom. Because of their efforts to #give10 throughout the school year, Cliff wanted to pledge his school for First and Ten. He and his students work with the elderly at nursing homes doing various tasks. They have gone to visit and play their instruments to entertain residents or serve as ushers at special events held at the home. They also conducted a fundraiser for the Leukemia Lymphoma society raising more than $1,000 for the cause.

Name: Karimah and Heidi

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

How they give back:

Karimah and Heidi are Americorps members serving with City Year Cleveland. They are committed to #give10 and more as they combat the education crisis plaguing many schools across America. Along with 58 other corps members Heidi and Karimah serve in schools daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It's an amazing commitment what these young people do to make sure the next generation is prepared for the future armed with positive behavior, increased self-esteem and a fundamental education. These corps members have also been known to spend time with students outside of the classroom. Supporting them in sporting activities and being a mentor when needed.

Are you signed up to #give10? Share how you are helping the community and pledge to be part of First and Ten on All you have to do is give 10 hours, help your community. We want to hear your stories so follow @BrownsGiveBack on Twitter and Instagram for the latest community updates and be sure to use #give10.

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