Community Highlights

Browns Community Highlights - February 10


*The Cleveland Browns are committed to the community. Through First and Ten, the Dawg Pound is encouraged to share what they are doing to give back. Get inspired and check out what these fans are doing to help their community:
*How do you give back?#give10

Names: Jeff, Debi, Joe, Mike, Denny, Steve, Tabby, Dana and Janie
Hometown: Madison, OH
What you do to give back?
The group of Jeff, Debi, Joe, Mike, Denny, Steve, Tabby, Dana and Janie volunteer their time volunteering for the concession stand at Madison High School football games. The funds raised for the athletic booster club benefits all of the athletic teams at the high school.  Along with the concession stand, the group also puts on a bingo night to raise money.  Every member of the group is a graduate from Madison High School and had, or currently have children in the Madison school system.  In all, the group has a combined 72 years of service between them! Wow, thanks for all that you do to give back!

Names: Tom, Jay and Rick
Hometown:Lorain, OH
What you do to give back?
Tom, Jay and Rick are a part of the Lorain High School production team for all of the Titans home football games.  Collectively, the three combine for over 30 years of service to the Lorain High School event production and plan on continuing their commitment for years to come.  Tom and Jay are both retired school teachers and have spent the most time with the Titans, while Rick is the finance manager at Liberty Ford Lincoln in Vermillion.  From humble beginnings, the production team started almost 15 years ago with 3 people and 1 camera.  Today, the team consists of 4 volunteers and 15 students who all cover the games with a variety of equipment, and is now a class at Lorain High School.  From seeing the programs growth, to building relationships with the students in the area, and witnessing how this program has guided students onward towards a production based future, Jay, Tom and Rick feel that their time and work is making a difference!

Names: Roberta, Theresa, Louise and Linda
Hometown: Kirtland, OH
What you do to give back?
Roberta, Theresa, Louise and Linda all work the Kirtland home football games.  These women volunteer their time in the Kirtland concession stand and have a combined 18 years of service between them.  They are all a part of the Kirtland Music Boosters, where the profit from the concession stand goes to.  The money goes towards uniforms, trip expenses and other needs benefit Kirtland's music group.  The women enjoy spending their time at the games and love being able to give back to the music community.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

Name: Janet
Hometown: Lorain, OH
What you do to give back?
Janet from Lorain volunteers her time at every home game for the Titans selling team gear.  She has volunteered at Lorain games 8 years and loves being involved in the exciting game atmosphere.  The funds from the sales go towards Lorain's Sports Boosters which provides financial help to every sport at Lorain High School.  Janet takes part in various volunteer opportunities within Lorain, OH which includes political initiatives and art events.  Her fourth and final daughter is a senior at Lorain High School and is on the drumline in the Lorain High School band. Thanks for getting involved in your community, Janet!

Name: Ron
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
What you do to give back?
Ron has volunteered for Strongsville's Athletic Program for 3 years.  During football games he parks busses and manages the gates to the stadium.  Ron also operates the scoreboard during basketball season and announces games in the spring for baseball. A father of a Strongsville alum, Ron enjoys giving back to the school and the students. Now retired, Ron spent 32 years as the marketing director for Sherwin-Williams and has worked with the Browns a few times! Thanks Ron!

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