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Community Highlights

Browns Community Highlights - May 20


Highlights for May 20

Name: Misty Senz

Hometown: Painesville, OH

How they give back:Misty Senz and her entire family have taken the pledge as a group and #give10 in and out of season. Recently Misty has volunteered at the family's home church to give back. She also volunteers at the Salvation Army and a local women's shelter. Misty said that she wanted to sign herself and her family up to teach her children the importance of giving back in their community.

Name: Connor Millet

Hometown: Independence, OH

How they give back: Connor, at only 11 year of age understands the importance of giving back in our local communities. He is a part of an organization that stresses the concept of giving—Boy Scout's of America. He said that he along with his troop volunteer to clean up gardens in their neighborhood. Along with Boy Scout's, Connor volunteers to be a part of his D.A.R.E. program at school.   

Name:  Riley Beight

Hometown: North Fairfield, OH

How they give back: Riley is only 12 years old and understands the importance of giving back so much so that she gives back in three different ways. She said that she is a part of PRIDE council, K-Kids and she volunteers at her church. Riley currently goes above and beyond, but she has decided to take the #give10 pledge and take it one step further.

Name: Connor Stevens

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

How they give back:Connor was a fan at this year's Fan Fest and was at the Play 60 activation wheel when he inquired about the #give10 wristbands. After understanding what it truly means to #give10, Connor realized that he gives back by volunteering to teach karate. He also decided that he wanted to take the pledge of committing 10 hours to the community for the Browns #give10 initiative.

Name: Heather Reynolds & Callie Irene

Hometown: Uniontown & Mansfield, OH

How they give back: Heather is a mother and still stresses the importance of giving back to her community. She is on PTO at her children's school. Heather also volunteers as part of the Christian ministry at her local church. Callie is only 12, but understands the importance of giving back. She chooses to give back in the two areas she is passionate about: school and dance. Callie volunteers at school as well as helping out at her local dance studio.

Are you signed up to #give10? Share how you are helping the community and pledge to be part of First and Ten on All you have to do is give 10 hours, help your community. We want to hear your stories so follow @BrownsGiveBack on Twitter and Instagram for the latest community updates and be sure to use #give10

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