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Browns Community Highlights - November 11


*The Cleveland Browns are committed to the community. Through the First and Ten movement, the Dawg Pound is encouraged to share what they are doing to give back. This week the Cleveland Browns are highlighting volunteers from Oswald who recently spent time at Wags 4 Warriors to volunteer their time and extend their appreciation to military and those who serve! Wags 4 Warriors provides a service dog to take away the struggle the veterans face every day.
*How do you give back?#give10

Name: Mackenzie Hometown: Cleveland, OH What you do to give back?
**Mackenzie gave some awesome insight on what it is like to be a part of the Oswald community. Mackenzie said that Oswald gives her and coworkers an extra 8 hours (a full day) to go out in the community and give back however they want! Mackenzie said that her and some others, went to Westside Lake Catholic Center, helping in any way that they could. Mackenzie said that Oswald allows people to give back to the community, not only in what they are assigned at work but what they are individually passionate about.

Name: Jarrod Hometown: Brecksville, Ohio What you do to give back?
**Jerrod is heavily involved with Oswald along with non-profit organizations, along with working with nonprofit clients and lending a hand at various events as well. Jarrod recently attended an organizations event called 'Minds Matter' that works with local kids in the community that commit their Saturdays to get extra help and attention from volunteers such as Jerrod for 3 years. These kids strive and dream to get into college, therefore take the extra time to get together with volunteers to further learn and excel academically. Thanks Jarrod!

Name: Lisa Hometown: Aurora, OH What you do to give back?
**Lisa also gives back through Oswald and other non-profit organizations helping those in need in any way that she can! Lisa works a lot with United Way, specifically a program called Junior Achievement. Lisa explained that Junior Achievement is a once a year blitz day, where volunteers go and teach kids ranging from K-8th grade. The volunteer is assigned to a class and gets to serve as a teach for half of the school day! Lisa participates in this event every year and loves doing it! Thanks Lisa!

Name:  Beverly
Hometown: North Royalton, OH
What you do to give back?
Beverly gives back with her commitment to working with Oswald but by also doing several different things on her own. Bev's mom is in nursing home and goes there once a week to give back to her mom and the elderly. Beverly also chooses to give back through her church and says that she enjoys helping her family and friends with various things in any way that she can! Thanks Beverly! 

Name: Sue
Hometown: Brooklyn, OH 
What you do to give back?
Sue tries to partake in as many activities as she can to give back to the community. Last year, Sue worked with the Browns to clean up the metro parks! Sue also said that she enjoys dogs and as well as giving back to veterans, so helping with an organization such as WAGS 4 Warriors is perfect for her! Sue also sits on a committee for Leukemia Lymphoma called Society Man/Woman of The Year Campaign. Every city comes up with candidates who are fighting or have recovered from lymphoma, to raise money for awareness during the 10-week campaign. The candidates for this campaign partake and run as many functions as they can to raise awareness and money for Leukemia lymphoma. Thanks Sue!* *

Interested in signing up your volunteer group for First and Ten? Group forms available! Click here to learn more about how to #give10

Follow @BrownsGiveBack on Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you are doing to help others using #give10 to unite us all as Browns fans. Give 10 hours, help your community.

The Browns are dedicated to #give10 through the team's First and Ten initiative. Launched in June 2014, the Cleveland Browns First and Ten campaign is the team's community program, established to inspire fans to volunteer in and help their communities throughout the world by volunteering for 10 hours each year. Since its inception, Browns fans have committed to volunteering more than 1 million hours to impact their communities by pledging to #give10. Through First and Ten, the Browns are the only NFL club to promote a long-term volunteering program that unifies the team and its entire fan base, with the goal of impacting every individual's city across the globe, as well as the franchise's local community. All Browns fans are encouraged to join the volunteering effort by signing the First and Ten pledge on the team's website and by sharing their stories with #give10.

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