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Community Highlights

Browns Community Highlights - September 14


The Cleveland Browns are committed to the community. Through First and Ten, the Dawg Pound is encouraged to share what they are doing to give back. Get inspired and check out what these fans are doing to help their community:
How do you give back?


Name: Luke and Michael B.
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How they give back: These 11-year-old twins are wise beyond their years. They give back by attending City Council meetings to talk about gun control and what they believe is in the best interest for the country. Luke and Michael don't like to see shootings so often in the news, which is why they helped set up a walk-out at their school and meet with their school teachers to discuss the topic.  

Name: Darkita
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How they give back: Darkita tries to volunteer wherever help is needed. She bounces from organization to organization to give her time to the most pressing issues and has been doing this for as long as she can remember. She also specifically helps with the Ronald McDonald House and Youth Challenge and loves being able to give back to her community. She volunteers with Youth Challenge which is an organization that brings together physically disabled youth and teen volunteers to bond through adapted recreationally activities. 

Name: Devin Sims
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How they give back: Devin loves to help people because he received help when he was younger. He received his first ever job at a church at the age of nine and hasn't looked back since. He volunteers at different churches to help clean and volunteers to help in any other capacity needed. He now works for his church full-time because of the work ethic and dedication he exhibited while volunteering there years ago.

Name: LaRaya Tinsley
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How they give back: LaRaya has been volunteering for about 17 years by giving advice and information to those who are looking for shelter. She has been changed tremendously by this experience. It has put her own life into perspective and has showed how much she has to be grateful for. She really likes that this organization is still fun and rewarding despite the negative situation that the people are experiencing.

Name: Jeff M.
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How they give back: Jeff volunteers at First Energy Stadium sometimes when his dad works. He helps his dad do his duties like mowing the lawn and other landscaping tasks. He really likes how fun it is when he does it. Mostly he loves that he gets to spend time with his dad while doing it.

Interested in signing up your volunteer group for First and Ten? Group forms available! Click **here** to learn more about how to #give10

Follow @BrownsGiveBack on Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you are doing to help others using #give10 to unite us all as Browns fans. Give 10 hours, help your community.

The Browns are dedicated to #give10 through the team's First and Ten initiative. Launched in June 2014, the Cleveland Browns First and Ten campaign is the team's community program, established to inspire fans to volunteer in and help their communities throughout the world by volunteering for 10 hours each year. Since its inception, Browns fans have committed to volunteering more than 1.5 million hours to impact their communities by pledging to #give10. Through First and Ten, the Browns are the only NFL club to promote a long-term volunteering program that unifies the team and its entire fan base, with the goal of impacting every individual's city across the globe, as well as the franchise's local community. All Browns fans are encouraged to join the volunteering effort by signing the First and Ten pledge on the team's website and by sharing their stories with #give10