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Browns player conference calls - Richardson, Harris, Taylor

DL Sheldon Richardson:

On deciding to sign with the Browns:

"They wanted me. It was more than one year. That definitely that was one of my big, big things. I wanted to get off of the one-year deal thing. I wanted to find a home and make myself a dominant force in one organization and not just get passed around. Honestly, the team itself, the D line itself, is what was bringing me here before (DL) Olivier (Vernon) because it got brought up to me before he had said that he was coming, too. Before I found out he was coming, I knew that their D line was already solid and definitely, definitely was dominant as far as getting after the quarterback. That was pretty much it. It had nothing to do with the offense or anything like that and then they ended up getting (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) and I was like, 'They are cooking over there now.' Just like that."

On why he believes he only previously received one-year deals in past years:

"It is easy – me getting into trouble after my second year in the league. I guess they thought that the spotlight was too big for me or my maturity level was not where it needed to be or whatever. I just never really had a chance to make it a home. Cleveland was the one who gave me my chance, and I am going to make due of it, period."

On if it has been difficult to determine if he has played his best football, given he has changed systems multiple times:

"It is. I do things here and there that might not show up on the stat sheet, but I definitely, definitely feel like I am still one of the elite D linemen in the league. I just have not had a chance to find a home yet. I think that I have found it here."

On what he brings to the Browns DL:

"I have played outside linebacker, D end, D line, nose tackle, three-technique so I pretty much have played all of the box seven (positions). High motor. Never stops playing until the game is over with. Do not take plays off. Disruptive. Makes everybody else around him better to the best of his abilities. Never takes anything for himself. Selfless."

On the potential for the Browns DL, given the players returning from last year and the addition of DL Olivier Vernon and him:

"All I can do is just go off the stats. I have seen a few games of those guys getting after it here and there last season watching film, but honestly, I do not know too much about them. I can't wait to get to know a lot about them honestly because I am going to be there for a while."

On DL Myles Garrett:

"Freakish athlete. Knows how to get after the quarterback. Not too much really bad to say about him. Reminds me of (Vikings DE) Danielle Hunter. That is the best way I can put it. That is splitting hairs comparing the two. Identical people. Freakish athlete, built. Looks like a created player off of Madden. High-motor guys. You really do not get guys that talented like that and then they play with passion like that. Some guys get arrogant. I was one of them so I know."

On how he and Garrett can make each other better:

"It is a team sport. Do teammate things. He sets the edge and then if the play comes back to the three-technique, then I am there to make it. That is him helping me. Me helping him is it bouncing outside and he gets a TFL. It works hand in hand. You can't be great without good teammates."

On his reaction to the Beckham trade:

"That was insane. I did not see that coming at all. Nobody did. Nobody saw that one coming. More pieces to the puzzle. Trying to right the ship. It is just that simple."

On if he has a personal relationship with Beckham:

"Yeah, I know him still to this day. I am not going to sit here and say that we are best of buds or anything like that. Definitely played against him every preseason. Since he touched down in the league, his first two, three years in the league, I definitely played him twice. Played him in the regular season. Great competitor. Cool dude to be around. Have seen him in clubs a few times, nothing major. Other than that, cool dude."

On his experience since his second year in the league and how he has matured since that time:

"I am not a bad person because I made a bad mistake or just because I made a mistake does not make me a bad person. Me personally, I have been past it for a while now. It is just that every time I get traded to another team, something there pops up. I just have to carry light luggage. That is how I look at it."

On how the Browns DL can complement one another:

"It is a pick your poison type of deal. That is the type of feeling you get from looking at it going off of numbers. That will be the feeling you get. It is a pick you poison type of deal. If you are going to double team me, somebody else is going to make the play and get off. That is how I look at it. I can only speak for myself at the moment."

On if the Browns acquired him to contribute to the group's effort of winning a championship:

"We are trying to make the playoffs by what (General Manager) John Dorsey said. We are trying to make that first and win the division. You can't do that right now sitting down in jeans, vests and sweaters. We have to put actual cleats on. I really do not want to predict the future or anything like that. We have to put in the work. It is just that simple. I have been on a few good teams, like you just mentioned, and injuries here and bad breaks there and you are not in the playoffs but you have a loaded team."

On if he is different person now compared to earlier in his career:

"No, I just grew up, that is all. Simple as that. I was 24 in a Bentley. I was having a good time, and that is it."

On if he has matured since that experience:

"Definitely have. Things back then that impressed me do not impress me now. I have a daughter now so I can't be doing 150 (miles per hour) on the highways anymore. I have a little bit more to live for than just myself now."

On what it was like driving at that speed:

"Do you want my honest opinion or do you want it politically correct (laughter)? Having a ball until I got arrested … It is all how you look at it. If you think negative, it is negative. If you think positive, it is positive. I just got in trouble for it so it is negative. People have branded me that way in the media, all across that people have been saying that I should not be in the league anymore and all of that. Hey, it is what it is. I never have really tried to impress anybody built myself. You can't live like that these days. They think you are different."

On what his 'politically correct' answer would be for driving at such a speed:

"My politically correct answer would be I just made mistakes that I won't make again."

Take a look at photos of three of the newest Browns: tight end Demetrius Harris, offensive lineman Eric Kush and linebacker Adarius Taylor.

TE Demetrius Harris:

On describing his skills as a TE:

"I'm just excited to be here. Thanks for having me. I just want to bring the grit and just bring the winning culture back. (General Manager John) Dorsey and the organization is building an amazing team. There are so many pieces around (QB Baker) Mayfield. It is going to be an exciting year this year. I'm just ready to compete, have fun and win."

On his reaction to WR Odell Beckham Jr. being traded to the Browns and if he knew that would occur when deciding to come to the Browns:

"No. I didn't know that, but once I saw it happened, it just makes you want to work harder because that is one of the top and probably one of the best receivers in the game right now. That just motivates you. I'm going to be his teammate. It is just motivating me to work harder because Dorsey is putting a good team around Mayfield. Cleveland as a whole, the whole city of Cleveland, I'm just excited. Dorsey is doing great things around here, and we are all just ready to get to work."

On if he would characterize himself as an all-around TE or more of a pass catcher or blocker:

"I'm most definitely an all-around tight end, but a lot of people don't know I'm an all-around tight end. I'm just trying to get the right opportunity to showcase my talent. I'm more of an all-around player that people really didn't get to see because I was behind (Chiefs TE Travis) Kelce. I know I'm an all-around player. I can do both, but the blocking thing, it just came out and it is just competing. Just don't let anybody past you and get to the quarterback. That is how I was really going through blocking people. You have to have a short mindset in the NFL. If I get beat, I just make sure I don't get beat again. Basically, with the blocking, I just like to compete and I just have a grit to myself. I don't want anybody to get to the quarterback or tackle our players. It is all just fight, don't let anybody get to the quarterback and battling."

On if joining Cleveland provides a better opportunity to play after being on a team with a Pro Bowl TE in Kelce:

"Yeah, a better opportunity but more so, I just learned so much from Kelce. That's my guy. We are close, and he learned stuff from me. We built a strong relationship over the years. We actually came into the league together, but he was drafted and I was undrafted. We were always roommates at away games so we built a strong relationship. Most definitely a better opportunity. I just wanted a fresh start. I feel like I needed a fresh start. I'm just ready to start this new chapter."

On if he sees the pieces in place with the Browns that will make Cleveland's offense come closer to Kansas City's offensive success:

"Most definitely here, we are going to be better. That is the goal. We want to be better. Most definitely, it was fun. I can just feel it around the building, how excited everybody is. That is the key is everybody happy and excited. The biggest part of it is just have fun. I just want to go out there and have fun, compete and have fun. When you are winning, you most definitely have the most fun. I got to experience that last year, and it was a great feeling. It was the best season and the best fun I have had since I have been in the league. It is most definitely fun when you have everybody and a powerful offense like the Browns do and like we have now. It is just exciting. I just can't wait. I'm just like everybody else. I just can't wait to see what we have in store. I'm pretty sure and I know that we are going to have an explosive offense. It is just going to be exciting. I'm just ready for it."

LB Adarius Taylor:

On his decision to sign with the Browns and the impact of playing with defensive coordinator Steve Wilks:

"I just have seen what is here on paper. That was a big part of my decision, and of course, Steve Wilks and (run game coordinator/linebackers coach) Al Holcomb and my connection with those guys, and the defensive scheme that they run, I am very familiar with it and I respect it. I love that defense. That was a big thing in the process for me."

On his biggest strength at LB:

"I see myself as being balanced and being able to do everything. I am a big team guy so whatever the team needs me to do, I can do it."

On playing behind the Browns DL that has a lot of talent:

"Everything starts with the D line. If the D line is playing well, of course, everybody else around them is going to look good, too. I am excited about playing behind those guys."

On if he is most comfortable in a specific LB position, given he played multiple spots last year:

"Being young my first few years, I was comfortable just at weak side linebacker, but as time went on, I have played a good amount at all three spots. To me, they are all the same. Wherever I am needed, I can make an impact."

On if he believes he can help other Browns defensive players learn the new defense and terminology:

"I do because I have been in the position before where I have to learn this scheme. I know things that helped me understand it, and I know ways that guys helped me understand it like (Panthers LB) Luke Kuechly and (Chargers LB) Thomas Davis so I can just translate that and pass it on to some of these guys."

On how he performed with his increased opportunity following Buccaneers LB Kwon Alexander's last year and the importance of competing for a starting position with the Browns:

"You never want a guy to go down, and I was actually playing strong side linebacker at the time and Kwon went down. I had to step in at the MIKE position, run the whole defense and call the plays and stuff like that. It opened up my eyes because I had never started at the MIKE position before last year. I just learned a lot of things and how to communicate with different guys and got that experience of how to run the defense."

On if his mindset is to earn a starting position after having the opportunity to play a lot last season:

"Yeah, I definitely am coming here to start and play. We will see what the team needs me to do, but I came here to start."

On if the Browns gave him the impression he would start this season:

"No impressions [that I would start] or anything like that. That is just a personal goal of mine and is something that I am going to do on my own."

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