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Press Conference

Freddie Kitchens explains why it was a crisp week of practice, talks leadership - Press Conference

Opening statement:

"I thought we had a good week of preparation. We had a good, crisp Friday. I think our guys are focused and ready for a challenge."

On if WR Rashard Higgins is expected to play on Sunday:

"Are you are asking about the inactives?"

On if Higgins will play on Sunday:

"We have no determined that yet."

On if Higgins is healthy enough to play on Sunday:

"He is healthy enough to play."

On if there is a reason why Higgins would not play:

"I just have not decided yet."

On if CBs Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams were able to do more in practice today:

"They did a little bit today. That is a day to day thing."

On LB Genard Avery not being active in recent weeks:

"I think we have good depth there. You can't take but so many guys. You have to worry about other positions, also."

On reactions to WR Jarvis Landry saying the Browns need to be more intentional in getting WR Odell Beckham Jr. the ball more:

"I do not really have any thoughts. I think we need to intentionally get him the ball, too. I think we need to intentionally win a game."

On if he has any problems with Landry's comment:

"They are free to say whatever they want to say. I do not monitor them – monitor is not the right word. I do not put restrictions on what they say. Our only rule is do not hurt the team. I do not think that hurt the team. I would agree with him."

On if he likes that team leaders are stepping up saying that want to do more to help the team win:

"I like leaders, yes. I think we have got a long of guys that are trying to lead right now. Ultimately, it comes down to us going out and playing well."

On if he agrees with C JC Tretter saying Wednesday's and Thursday's practices were crispiest of the season:

"I would. I think you can add Friday to the mix now. I think all three days were very focused and the concentration level was very high. The speed of in and out of the huddle and defensively getting lined up and things like that, things that are very necessary to be successful were very good at it this week."

On if the crispness of the practices starts with the mental aspect of what the Browns are trying to accomplish:

"I think it is all encompassing. I think it starts with the desire that they want to do it. Of course, if they know what to do, when to do it and know how to do it, they are successful. I think that it is all part of it, yeah."

On if this week's practice efficiency was needed to clean up penalties:

"I think penalties happen with either bad technique or lack of composure playing with not passion but playing with emotion. That is how penalties happen. If they are between the whistles, it is usually technique. If it is after the whistle, it is usually an emotional reaction."

On the impact Higgins could have if active:

"I think if he does what he is supposed to do, he can have an impact. If he lines up where he is supposed to, runs the right route and catches the ball, I think he can have a tremendous impact."

On if WR Antonio Callaway has a better handle of what he needs to learn from last week:

"He does."

On if the Browns offenses uses play calls with a lot of verbiage:

"Some are. Some are not."

On if there is a way to shorten the verbiage:

"Are we breaking the huddle too long? We had a couple of problems last week getting lined up but I think that is the only time all year that we have done that."

On if he believes Callaway will be able to execute better on Sunday:

"Yeah, I think so."

On if the Browns OL's performance in the run game:

"Every time we go out, it is a good test. I think those guys in the run game have been pretty good. We have had our faults in that, too, but those guys take pride in the fact that we can run the ball. It all starts there."

On the Seahawks run defense:

"They are active. Their scheme is good. They try to put their players in position to make plays, and they do a good job of that. They coach them well. They play hard. They are physical. All the things necessary to be good at the run. They commit to stopping the run so it is hard to run on them."

On how much Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner drives the run defense:

"I think that all those linebackers drive it, all three of them. (Seahawks LB) K.J. (Wright) has been there for a while. Bobby has been there for a while. They are like coaches on the field. They are all physical type guys, long, athletic, can cover, can force on the run. They are three really good linebackers. A good defensive front, period."

On who simulated Seahawks QB Russell Wilson this week in practice:

"It was (QB) Garrett Gilbert (laughter)."

On if WR Derrick Willies was hurt in practice yesterday:

"Unfortunately, Derrick tore his ACL yesterday. He has to rehab. He is in good spirits and really ready to start his rehab."

On if Willies injury happened during the course of yesterday's practice:

"Yes, during the special teams course of the practice. Just planted wrong."

On having a home game following two road games:

"It is great to be home. Now, we have to give them something to be excited about."

On if a lot of NFL teams stay in their base defense regularly like the Seahawks:

"There are a couple of different things you can do, and I am not going to relay that right now. I think your main question was do a lot of people do that? A lot of people do that early in downs, but not everybody does it as consistently as they have been doing it. I know that is kind of not the answer that you wanted, but some teams do and some teams do not. A lot of your 3-4 teams will do that."

On if Browns leaders are doing more than they have been in previous weeks:

"This whole thing is centered around everybody doing their job. I think we have done a good job in our locker room of identifying that people need to do their job. When you start talking about that, you start talking about holding people accountable. Ultimately, that is what leaders do, and I feel like our leaders on this team have done a good job this week of trying to get involved in doing that."

On if a forcing early turnover could set the tone of the game Sunday:

"This thing is always about turnovers. It increases your chances of winning greatly. You can turn the ball over and it decreases your chances if you turn the ball over. Yeah, it is always important."

On if Ward and Williams on the field could increase the Browns defense's chances of forcing a turnover:

"Denzel and Greedy are good players, but we have been playing with some pretty good guys, too. I have total confidence in the guys. Whoever it is that goes out there on the field, we have confidence that they will do their job."

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