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QB Deshaun Watson does not practice Wednesday heading into Week 7

 HC Kevin Stefanski has not ruled Watson out for Sunday's game vs. Colts

Watson talks 10.18

QB Deshaun Watson did not practice on Wednesday as he continues his rehab process from a right shoulder injury.

Yet, HC Kevin Stefanski is not ruling Watson out for Sunday's game against the Colts, as Watson continues to make progress. However, if Watson is not able to play on Sunday, P.J. Walker would start against the Colts.

Watson is also taking the approach of day-to-day throughout the week, but he does believe there is a chance he will play in Week 7.

"I think so," Watson said when asked if he would play Sunday. "It just depends on the process of the medical stuff and the treatment and the rehab that we're doing day to day. So, it's up in the air for sure."

On Wednesday, Watson described the injury as one to his rotator cuff.

Watson first suffered the injury in Week 3 against Tennessee when he was hit on a quarterback keeper in the third quarter. Watson said that they did not know exactly what his injury was during the game. Watson described that when he was hit after he cut back off of block by G Wyatt Teller and when he cut back, the defender flashed and got up underneath him at the rotator cuff. Watson said he felt the hit instantly, but thought it was a normal football hit.

"It's a strain," Watson said on Wednesday. "It's a micro tear, so it's small. It's basically getting a cut on the hand, a couple of slashes on the hand of that muscle. And that's what a micro tear strain for the rotator cuff is."

Following that information, Watson said usually a player would sit out. However, he told the medical staff that he wanted to try going through a workout pregame and test it. So, Watson went through that pregame warmup on Sunday morning before their matchup against the Ravens in Week 4, and then was later ruled out for the game.

Over the last few weeks, Watson has worked through rehabbing the injury. With a rotator cuff injury, Watson said it's difficult to throw the ball, along with the movement, rotation and mobility elements associated with it. He is trying to work through any lingering pain, as well as determining his control of the football when he throws and the velocity at which he throws. Watson said that his throwing has been trending upwards, and he's been following the plan that the medical staff has put in place.

Watson said he also doesn't want to step out on the field and feel hesitant when he throws the ball. His mindset is putting the team first as works to return.

"I'm not going to put the team in jeopardy if I can't do certain things that is going to allow us to be handicapped in certain situations," Watson said. "So that's the reason why I haven't been able to step on the field."

When Watson returns to the field, he said he doesn't want to have to change his style of play in running the ball. However, he knows that he has to protect himself better out on the field.

The last three weeks have been hard for Watson as he navigated the injury. It's the first time he's dealt with a rotator cuff, so he said he's been working to get as comfortable as he can to go out on the field and perform at a high level.

"It's definitely frustrating," Watson said. "I want to be on the field. We felt like after the Tennessee game we were getting the ground running for this offense and then as all three phases. But as part of the game, it comes with it. I got to deal with the adversity and just take it as it come and continue to be a leader as I am and keep helping the guys around me. And when that time comes, I can step on the field and go out there and help the team win."