Videos - September 2019

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2019-09-01 Building the Browns 2019: The Preseason Comes to an End (Ep 12)
2019-09-02 Kyle Brandt: Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett will be Defensive Player of the Year
2019-09-02 Jamie Gillan: "My goal was to come here and play for Cleveland"
2019-09-02 Austin Seibert: "I can't really explain the emotion that went through me"
2019-09-02 Justin McCray: It is good to be back with Coach Campen and Coach Blasko
2019-09-02 Freddie Kitchens: We're going to try and continue to get better everyday
2019-09-03 Cleveland Browns Daily | 9/3
2019-09-04 The Cleveland Browns present Club 46
2019-09-04 Damarious Randall: "Our ultimate goal is to win the Superbowl"
2019-09-04 Nick Chubb: "Odell is as good as advertised"
2019-09-04 Projecting wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.'s stats in Week 1 Cleveland Browns debut
2019-09-04 OBJ surprises Chaney football team with new Nikes
2019-09-05 The Miz and Bud Light Victory Fridge madness
2019-09-05 Mike Priefer: "Special teams can help us win games"
2019-09-05 Todd Monken: "Odell is a really gifted athlete"
2019-09-05 Steve Wilks: "Everything we do starts up front"
2019-09-05 Browns Countdown: Season Preview
2019-09-05 Freddie Kitchens: "I'm expecting us to play well"
2019-09-05 Olivier Vernon: Everybody's dialed in, focused
2019-09-05 Joel Bitonio: There's nothing like that first kickoff
2019-09-05 Sheldon Richardson: One man can't do it by himself
2019-09-06 Freddie Kitchens: "Hopefully the stadium is ready to roll early"
2019-09-06 Pierogi Hot Dog Browns Tasty Tailgate
2019-09-06 Browns Trivia | Browns Countdown
2019-09-07 Game Preview Report: Week 1 - Browns vs. Titans
2019-09-07 Browns Unveil Otto Graham Statue 
2019-09-08 Mayfield hits 'Hollywood' Higgins down the seam for huge pickup
2019-09-08 Jarvis Landry slips would-be tackle for third-and-long conversion
2019-09-08 Njoku boxes out Byard to haul in Mayfield's first TD pass
2019-09-08 Every OBJ target from Browns debut | Week 1
2019-09-08 Titans vs. Browns highlights | Week 1
2019-09-08 Browns vs. Titans Postgame Analysis
2019-09-08 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Titans
2019-09-08 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Titans
2019-09-09 Freddie Kitchens: The men we have in that locker room will rally together
2019-09-09 Greedy Williams on earning starting role" Just trust in what I do and great things come"
2019-09-09 Greg Robinson: Just gotta play smarter and move on" | Player Sound
2019-09-09 LB Block Shed Drill - Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-09-10 Phil Dawson Interview - Club 46
2019-09-10 Denzel Ward: "Our focus is to win this next game"
2019-09-10 Freddie Kitchens: "Baker is relentless, he's a competitor"
2019-09-10 Browns host 21st annual Taste of the Browns
2019-09-11 The Baker Experience - Titans
2019-09-11 DB Pass Defense - Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-09-11 Offensive Line Hand Placement - Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-09-12 2 Minute Drill: Browns face familiar faces on Monday Night Football
2019-09-12 Freddie Kitchens: "We want smart, tough, physical football players"
2019-09-12 Browns, Maple Heights School District celebrate launch of Get 2 School Network
2019-09-12 Browns at Jets Hype Video
2019-09-12 Baker Mayfield: "We can be better overall as an offense"
2019-09-12 Damarious Randall " "The Jets have a very talented offense"
2019-09-12 Odell Beckham Jr. "We gotta eliminate the mistakes"
2019-09-12 Morgan Burnett: "They have playmakers at every level"
2019-09-13 Steve Wilks: Trevor Siemian is a quality quarterback
2019-09-13 Mike Priefer: We have the right men in that locker room to rebound
2019-09-13 Todd Monken on Gregg Williams: He likes to create disruption
2019-09-13 Jarvis Landry Mic'd Up | Browns Countdown
2019-09-13 Hot Minute: Browns head to the Big Apple to face Jets
2019-09-13 Freddie Kitchens: Anytime the lights come on it's a special game
2019-09-13 Exclusive interview with Freddie Kitchens as Browns prepare for Jets | Browns Countdown
2019-09-15 On The Road vs. The Jets
2019-09-16 Browns Countdown: Browns at Jets
2019-09-16 NFL Throwback: First-ever Monday Night Football game
2019-09-17 Mayfield has all day to find D'Ernest Johnson for big 27-yard pickup
2019-09-17 Can't-Miss Play: OBJ reaches out for RIDICULOUS one-hand grab
2019-09-17 Nick Chubb slices through Jets' defense for 19-yard TD
2019-09-17 Mayfield drives third-down missile to Ratley over the middle for 22 yards
2019-09-17 Jarvis Landry hangs on for TOUGH 25-yard catch over the middle
2019-09-17 Can't-Miss Play: OBJ house call! WR flies by Jets for career-long receiving TD
2019-09-17 Myles Garrett's best plays on 'MNF' | Week 2
2019-09-17 Odell Beckham Jr.'s best plays in N.Y. return | Week 2
2019-09-17 Browns vs. Jets highlights | Week 2
2019-09-17 Freddie Kitchens Victory Speech vs Jets
2019-09-17 Joe Schobert Postgame Interview vs. Jets | Cleveland Browns
2019-09-17 Browns vs. Jets Postgame Analysis
2019-09-17 Nick Chubb Postgame Interview vs. Jets | Cleveland Browns
2019-09-17 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Jets
2019-09-17 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Jets
2019-09-17 Myles Garrett Postgame Press Conference vs. Jets
2019-09-17 Odell Beckham Jr. Postgame Press Conference vs. Jets
2019-09-17 Kevin Mack Interview - Club 46
2019-09-18 Rams vs. Browns preview | Week 3
2019-09-18 Top Plays: OBJ's 89 Yard Touchdown
2019-09-18 Freddie Kitchens: "We've got our work cut out for us"
2019-09-18 Top Plays: Myles Garrett's 3 Sacks vs. Jets
2019-09-18 Top Plays: Nick Chubb's diving TD vs. Jets
2019-09-18 Baker Mayfield: "OBJ has another notch of speed when the lights come on"
2019-09-18 Myles Garrett: I'm going to keep playing with that same aggression
2019-09-18 Chubb: I'm trying to be the best running back I can be
2019-09-18 The Baker Experience - Jets
2019-09-18 Odell Beckham Jr.: "Nothing's gunna stop me" | Player Sound
2019-09-19 Mike Priefer: "We have to find a way to get our kickoff return game going"
2019-09-19 Todd Monken: OBJ is unique in his skill set and can play wherever you want him to play
2019-09-19 Steve Wilks: "Sean McVay is a tremendous offensive mind" | Press Conference
2019-09-19 Browns vs. Rams Hype Video
2019-09-19 Browns vs. Rams Hype Video
2019-09-19 Freddie Kitchens: Our guys are getting prepared for a tremendous challenge on Sunday
2019-09-19 JC Tretter: "We have to win our 1 on 1 battles"| Player Sound
2019-09-19 Joe Schobert: They have a lot of talent at a lot of positions 
2019-09-19 Sheldon Richardson: Myles is a freak of nature
2019-09-19 'NFL 100 Greatest' No. 47: Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown beats the Chicago Bears all on his own
2019-09-20 2 Minute Drill: Browns face Rams in second straight primetime matchup
2019-09-20 Freddie Kitchens: I wanna play smart, fast and physical | Press Conference
2019-09-20 Hot Minute: Browns set to face Rams on Sunday Night Football
2019-09-20 Denzel Ward Mic'd Up in Week 2 vs. Jets | Browns Countdown
2019-09-22 Joe Thomas breaks down the LA Rams Matchup
2019-09-23 Larry Ogunjobi shuts down Rams' hurry-up offense with big sack
2019-09-23 Baker locates Jarvis Landry across middle for 25 yards
2019-09-23 Joe Schobert nearly takes Myles Garrett's forced strip-sack in for score
2019-09-23 Baker Mayfield takes advantage of Rams' busted coverage with 2-yard TD
2019-09-23 Nick Chubb follows blockers on 30-yard screen to red zone
2019-09-23 T.J. Carrie jumps Goff pass for impressive diving interception
2019-09-23 OBJ somehow holds on to pass as Weddle delivers blow
2019-09-23 Juston Burris grabs tipped pass for critical late interception
2019-09-23 Browns induct Clay Matthews into the Ring of Honor
2019-09-23 Mayfield fires laser pass over the middle to Landry for 27-yard gain
2019-09-23 Rams vs. Browns highlights | Week 3
2019-09-23 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Rams
2019-09-23 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Rams
2019-09-23 Browns vs. Rams Postgame Analysis (Week 3)
2019-09-23 T.J. Carrie Postgame Interview vs. Rams (Week 3)
2019-09-23 Juston Burris Postgame Interview vs Rams (Week 3)
2019-09-23 Freddie Kitchens: "We have total confidence in everyone on our team" | Press Conference
2019-09-23 TJ Carrie: "You always have to look at yourself as a starter" | Player Sound
2019-09-23 Juston Burris: "I fell in love with Cleveland when I first go here" | Player Sound
2019-09-24 Brian Sipe Interview - Club 46
2019-09-25 The Baker Experience - Rams
2019-09-25 Freddie Kitchens: "Everything we do in this division, goes through Baltimore" | Press Conference
2019-09-25 Clay Matthews becomes newest member of the Browns Ring of Honor
2019-09-25 Behind The Scenes: Friends Starring The Cleveland Browns
2019-09-25 Baker Mayfield: "We have to be more focused on the little details" | Player Sound
2019-09-25 OBJ: "You learn from your mistakes and keep getting better" | Player Sound
2019-09-25 Joel Bitonio: "Going to Baltimore is always a challenge" | Player Sound
2019-09-26 Browns host Special Olympics Ohio Unified Sports uniform reveal
2019-09-26 Mike Priefer: "We've got some leaders starting to emerge on special teams" | Press Conference
2019-09-26 Todd Monken: "We've got to find a way to get Odell the ball" | Press Conference
2019-09-26 Steve Wilks on Ravens: You have to stop the run first
2019-09-26 Freddie Kitchens on the Ravens: "They're solid all the way around" | Press Conference
2019-09-26 Joe Schobert: "We have a lot of talented individuals" | Player Sound
2019-09-26 Olivier Vernon on Lamar Jackson: "He's a phenomenal athlete" | Player Sound
2019-09-26 JC Tretter: Everyone on offense has a leadership role
2019-09-26 Mack Wilson Mic'd Up vs Rams
2019-09-26 2 Minute Drill: Browns set to face first divisional rival of 2019
2019-09-26 Tackle Wheel Drill: Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-09-27 Get 2 School, Stay in the Game! Network Launch Event
2019-09-27 Freddie Kitchens: "I want guys confident in what they're doing" | Press Conference
2019-09-27 Myles Garrett on Lamar Jackson: "He's elusive as they come" | Player Sound
2019-09-27 Browns at Ravens Hype Video
2019-09-27 Hot Minute: Browns prepare for first AFC North game vs. Baltimore Ravens | Browns Countdown
2019-09-29 Browns' play design opens up Ricky Seals-Jones for 9-yard TD
2019-09-29 Damarious Randall doesn't let Lamar Jackson get away on third-down sack
2019-09-29 Nick Chubb makes three would-be tacklers miss on crazy cutback TD run
2019-09-29 Browns recover after Mark Ingram coughs up the football for key turnover
2019-09-29 Can't-Miss Play: Nick Chubb explodes for blazing fast 88-YARD TD
2019-09-29 Can't-Miss Play: Jermaine Whitehead snags Lamar Jackson's deep ball for INT
2019-09-29 Dontrell Hilliard rumbles through for another Browns' rushing TD
2019-09-29 Browns vs. Ravens highlights | Week 4
2019-09-29 Browns vs. Ravens Postgame Analysis
2019-09-29 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2019-09-29 Nick Chubb Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2019-09-29 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2019-09-29 Freddie Kitchens Victory Speech vs Ravens
2019-09-29 Ricky Seals-Jones Postgame Interview
2019-09-30 Next Gen Stats: Nick Chubb explodes for fastest TD run of 2019
2019-09-30 Jim Donovan Calls Nick Chubb's 3 TD Day vs. Ravens
2019-09-30 Kyle Brandt reveals rare statistical feat Nick Chubb reached in Week 4 against Baltimore Ravens
2019-09-30 Top Plays: Browns Defense dominates Ravens
2019-09-30 Top Plays: Nick Chubb's 3 TDs vs. Ravens
2019-09-30 Top Plays: Baker Mayfield TD pass to Ricky Seals-Jones