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Hats Off to Our Heroes

A message from Dee Haslam about Browns' 'Hats Off To Our Heroes' Fund

With the launch of the Browns new uniforms, Dee and Jimmy Haslam have announced the Hats Off To Our Heroes fund. All team proceeds from the sale of the new jerseys will go into the fund to benefit healthcare professionals, first responders and education professionals.

Hats Off to Our Heroes

As we look to the future, there is hope and promise for something special, but we are all experiencing circumstances we never really thought imaginable.​

The Browns are tremendously grateful for those who are serving on the front lines during these extremely challenging times. To recognize the men and women who continue to make personal sacrifices for the well-being and care of individuals of all ages – who are the fabric of our community keeping us together during times of crisis – we have proudly created the "Hats Off to Our Heroes" Fund. As an extension of our celebration of national heroes during all Browns home games, we now also take our hats off to the "COVID-19" heroes to support those who have selflessly taken on burdens in their personal and professional lives for the benefit of our entire community.​

The "Hats off to Our Heroes" Fund will focus on aiding health care professionals, first responders, educational professionals and other groups who are pivotal in our community year-round and are valiantly persisting as role models in the face of significant adversity.​

The entire Cleveland Browns organization wants you to know we see the significant sacrifices being made by these heroes every day. They are inspiring us and providing hope through their actions. And it's our turn to do our part.​

Through this webpage, our goal is to provide resources for families and fans to engage, learn, and commit. Thank you for your time, passion and commitment as we unite together and connect by a common thread in response to COVID-19.​

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