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12 questions for Jarvis Landry, who doesn't gloss over significance of Steelers game: 'This is one of those games we need'

Jarvis Landry wishes he could be in two places at once this weekend.

While he rests and prepares for Sunday's showdown with the Steelers, Landry will be honored as the first-ever member of his high school's Ring of Honor. Seven years later, the star of Lutcher High's football team in Louisiana has come a long way. He hopes to go even further as a core member of the Browns offense in 2018 and beyond. caught up with Landry after Friday's practice. You, the receivers and Baker Mayfield spent some extra time on the practice field after Friday's practice. How valuable is that kind of work together, even at the midpoint of the season?

Landry: It's very important. The more we can iron out the better with all the details and get all the little things right, get the timing right and see what everybody sees and go from there. It's been a little more than a month since Mayfield took over at quarterback. How much more comfortable are you with him?

Landry: It's building and it's continuing to grow. There's a lot of room for improvement on all of our ends. We've got to continue to come out here and put these extra reps in and get to the film room and talk about stuff. The more we can do that and get on the same page, it's going to allow us to grow in a way that it doesn't matter what the defense is doing. We'll become unstoppable. Last week, you got the ball in your hands right away with a couple of quick, easy passes. How much does that help to get some momentum?

Landry: It helps a lot. It creates a rhythm. I know for me, those two catches at the beginning of the game went for a first down, so it creates a rhythm for the offense as well. I like that. I think it helps our team, helps our offense. Obviously now we've got to figure out ways on first drives to go out and score points. What kind of issues are you guys seeing on film in the first half and what are you seeing working in the second half?

Landry: We're just settling down. That can be emotionally, that can be play-calling, that can be throwing the ball, that can be catching the ball, that can be running the ball, blocking, whatever. Just have to find ways to settle down and attack our job, every guy do their own job and go from there. Injuries and youth have hit the wide receiver position hard. How are you seeing some of the younger guys like Damion Ratley, new guys like Breshad Perriman fit in and help?

Landry: Just got to continue to make plays. For all those guys, that's the biggest thing. Being a young guy, the biggest thing you want to do is have the confidence to be able to make plays and the trust from the coaches to put you in position to make plays. I think that's going to come and it's building. We'll see. They're going to have opportunities. When the team has a tough loss like last week's, do you notice it hanging with the team on a Friday or do you process it well before that?

Landry: Coach Hue (Jackson) does a good job making sure we get over it. We cover all the bases and the things we did wrong and the things that got us beat and things we can get better on. From there, once we start game-planning for the next team, it's over with. You're one of the most fiery competitors on the team. How tough has it been for you to go through this stretch?

Landry: It will come. It will come. Obviously we've got to stay the course. There's going to be mountains and valleys in some seasons. We can't get too low, we can't get too high. We've just got to stay the course. When you look back at Week 1 against the Steelers and look at them now, what stands out? Have they done anything differently?

Landry: They're the same team. They play great on defense, they're going to score points, they play good on special teams. They're a great team. We're definitely going to have a challenge going up against those guys again, just as we were the first time we played them. We've just got to find a way to create energy early for us being on the road. The North is kind of a logjam with everyone's records. How much more importance does that add to this matchup?

Landry: It's no secret we want to win the division and we understand that being in the position to win the division gives you a good chance of making the playoffs. This is one of those games that for us, we need. There's no secret about it. Week 1 it was as sloppy as possible weather-wise and Sunday is looking to be the same. Do you do anything differently to prepare for it.

Landry: Nope. I just go out there and play ball. Be weather-proof regardless of the weather and trust my teammates and go from there. I know you weren't able to make it but you were honored Friday as the first member of your high school's Ring of Honor. What does that mean to you?

Landry: It's huge. It's where my career started, where I started writing these goals down to make it to this level. To be recognized, I don't know, man. It's a beautiful feeling. I wish I was there just to see and take it all in once more of playing in Lutcher, Louisiana. You were the Class of 2011 back then and now it's 2018. Are you surprised with how far you've come?

Landry: I'm not surprised. I've worked all my life to get to this moment and to get to this point and go even further than this point. I'm going to continue to work and that's always been my mindset. Seven years later, and I still feel like there's a lot of improvement and room to grow.

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