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And that's the bottom line: Stone Cold Steve Austin says excitement is palpable during visit to Browns

Excitement comes in many forms in Cleveland these days.

In March, it was the acquisitions of Odell Beckham Jr., Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson. Last weekend, it was the 2019 draft class.

Wednesday, it was wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The former WWE superstar visited Browns headquarters during the mid-week afternoon, meeting with players before making an appearance on Cleveland Browns Daily.

Surprisingly, Austin is a big follower of football and the Browns, and sees bright days ahead for the franchise.

"We're a ways from the season, but you can feel it in the air," Austin said Wednesday. "I'm looking forward -- to watch what the Cleveland Browns did last year, kind of finished with that momentum. Baltimore was a heartbreaker but just the way they handled the back half of that season was awesome. And obviously, some pieces put in through free agency and the draft, I think it's a very exciting time."

Austin, a south Texas native, grew up playing and watching football. He played running back in junior college and landed a scholarship to North Texas before eventually moving on from football to a real-world job, which then led him down a winding road to wrestling superstardom.

His mother is from Oklahoma, creating a reason for him to follow Sooners football. Along the way, that included Baker Mayfield, whose pursuits Austin has tracked from Norman to Cleveland. He also has some WWE company in Browns fans Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Johnny Gargano.

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"I love that guy," he said when speaking of Mayfield. "Love what he's done. I watched him when he had his career down at Oklahoma. Last time I tailgated was down there with Jim Ross, you know, going to see Sooners football games. ... Now, to see that guy come out here, be the No. 1 pick, be the face of the franchise and light this thing on fire? Football is in the air. I got out of my car yesterday, I said 'man, how you guys liking Baker Mayfield?' They said 'we don't...we love him!' That's the feeling I get."

Austin likes Mayfield because he's a Sooner but also because he's much like Austin in that he's has had to fight for everything he owns. Mayfield is what Austin calls a "man's man."

"He's one of those guys where nothing has ever been handed to him," Austin said of Mayfield. "He has had to work his ass off for every single thing he's gotten. And most times, he wasn't Plan A, but he turned himself into Plan A. ... I just think he's a down to earth guy, he works his tail off and he's gonna give you the best he's got because he knows that's what he has to do."

Austin is a dedicated football fan, watching it on every day during which it's played. He's ready to see how Mayfield reacts to being "the guy" after years of being Plan B.

"When you're trying to get there, you have that mentality," Austin said. "Now that you're there but you're still trying to establish something, it's a different ballgame, no pun intended. I think he's going to be just fine. I just know that there's a lot of buzz, just coming here being in the facility, just coming here being in the town. I'm just looking forward to kickoff."

And as Stone Cold says, that's the bottom line.