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Best quotes from Day 3 at the 2020 NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the great parts about the combine is the entire NFL descends on Indianapolis for the week. That means we get the chance to talk to many of the most plugged in NFL insiders and analysts.  

Today we're highlighting some of the best quotes from those luminaries from our time at the combine as well as some words from the great Dos Unos, aka Isaiah Simmons.

Pat Kirwan, former NFL coach and SiriusXM host

On Kevin Stefanski

"I'm very excited for the Browns hiring Kevin Stefanski. I've known him a long time. He is so ready for the job."

"He ended up coaching tight ends, receivers and quarterbacks so he's very well trained for this job."

On young Stefanski, who was the college roommate of Pat's son at Penn

"All Kevin wanted to do was probe me and talk to me all the time about football and how to get in it … and I told Brad Childress about him. There's a kid who is going to get to the NFL one way or another, so you might as well take him yourself. He's really smart and was a good player, very headsy kind of guy, so Brad took him to Minnesota."

On the Browns

"When you look at this team, there is not a lot to do. You know you gotta get a left tackle and this draft is setting up perfectly for that. You're gonna get one of these elite left tackles if you want to take one at 10."

"When I look at your needs and your cap space, I think it is a really good time to be the Cleveland Browns."

Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

On who he emulates on the field

"Von Miller just for pass rush. Jalen Ramsay for man techniques. Tyrann Mathieu just because he plays around everywhere as well. I take bits and pieces from all of them."

On knowledge requirements to play multiple positions

"Mentally I feel there is not anything I can't do. I've played every position except nose or three technique."

How he helps stop the modern NFL offense

"The game is evolving. Stopping the tight end is the name of the game. Someone's gotta stop these Travis Kelce's and George Kittle's."

On what position he plays


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