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Position Preview

Browns 2023 Position Preview: Breaking down the QBs

The Browns’ offseason strategy has been geared toward giving Watson his best shot of returning to Pro Bowl form — and they have plenty of reasons to believe he will


Can you believe it? Training camp is just one day away. It's been another busy offseason for the Browns, and we'll start seeing how all the new and refined pieces come together very soon. We're preparing for it all with a comprehensive preview of every position on the roster, rolling next with the quarterbacks.

The Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson

Joshua Dobbs

Kellen Mond

Dorian Thompson-Robinson

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What we know: This offseason was all about continuing to build the offense around Deshaun Watson's skills, and the Browns have a lot of belief that Watson will play better than he did in his first six games last season. Watson backed that belief up with several strong throws during spring practices and has been lauded by coaches and teammates for the work he's put in to master what appears to be a refined playbook, which is different from the one the Browns used a year ago. The success of the Browns hinges on Watson returning to his Pro Bowl form, and with multiple new receiving weapons at his disposal and a full training camp knowing he'll be starting in Week 1, there are plenty of reasons the Browns should feel confident in Watson bouncing back.

What we don't know: Who will be Watson's backup? And will the Browns keep two or three backups on their roster? Dobbs is the top veteran behind Watson and is a smart, mobile player who fits what the Browns ask of QBs in their playbook, while Mond and Thompson-Robinson, a fifth-round pick in the spring, are two young prospects who will have a chance to prove themselves in the preseason. Thompson-Robinson, in particular, will be worth watching in preseason games, as the Browns could look to keep him on their roster as a long-term backup QB option behind Watson.

The biggest number: 6.5. That was Watson's average yards per pass attempt in his six games last year, which was the lowest of his career by over a full yard. The Browns will look to bring that number back to where it was before — at over eight yards per attempt — with the new deep field weapons (Elijah Moore, Marquise Goodwin) and an enhanced playbook designed to provide Watson with more explosive opportunities.

Says it all: "I'm pretty far ahead of where I was last year. Last year was, as far as football, being on the field, just running a new system, trying to adapt to different teammates, different players, how guys run routes, how Kevin calls the plays and just being able to process the game at the speed I know. Being a year in and being able to talk to Kevin and (offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt) about what we want to do and being confident about it, it allows me to play a little bit faster when I'm on the field." - Watson on how much improvement he feels he's made heading into his second season in Cleveland

How many were kept on the initial 53-man roster last year?: 2

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