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12 questions for Jarvis Landry, who loves doing a little bit of everything for the Browns offense

Cleveland's veteran WR just keeps making big plays

Alex Van Pelt acknowledged Thursday what Browns fans have seen since Jarvis Landry joined the team in 2018.

When the Browns are in a pinch, Landry is the guy that helps jumpstart something good.

"If we need something to get going, we try to find a way to get Juice involved," Van Pelt said, "because we know he is going to make it happen."

The always reliable Landry proved that in the Browns' 2021 season opener, a game in which he caught five passes for 71 yards and made two big plays on the ground, including a 5-yard, spin-filled touchdown run in the second quarter. He'll be looking to do more of the same Sunday when the Browns welcome the Texans for their home opener. caught up with Landry as he wrapped up his final preparations for Sunday's game. Obviously it was a tough loss in Kansas City, but another opportunity awaits. How has the team responded this week?

Landry: Coach has just made it really evident that it's about the work and fixing the mistakes we had in the game and obviously finishing the game. This team was really good at bouncing back from tough losses last year. What goes into that?

Landry: It's just being real critical of ourselves, not lying to ourselves, looking ourselves in the mirror about the mistakes we might have made in the game or the plays that determine or change the game or cause us to not win. Those are things we make sure is an emphasis when we come out to practice and the attention is set on those things to make sure they don't happen again. It seemed like there was a lot of good from the offense in this game. What are the things that need to get better?

Landry: Just finishing, continuing to start fast, finish and turnovers. Assignments, just every guy doing their job and trusting the play's going to work. Everyone has to do their job. That's where it really is. It's simple. What do you credit last week's fast start to and how do you replicate it?

Landry: It's just every guy doing their job, doing their part, doing their small part in the big picture. Hopefully that leads to more effective plays, efficient plays and starting fast and finishing and touchdowns. Week 1 was probably as healthy as any team is going to be during the season. Now, there are some injuries that can affect both sides of the ball. How do you think the team is built to handle it?

Landry: It's a long season. Anything is bound to happen. Each and every guy prepares and one of the things Coach Chad (O'Shea) talks about a lot, especially to the guys on the practice squad, is you're a part of this team, too. Especially with COVID and injuries, all of these things can come up. Every guy has to stay ready and I think the coaches and everyone does a good job of knowing the operation throughout the week to make sure if anything happens the next guy is up and ready to play. It's a pretty young group around you at wide receiver with Odell Beckham Jr. out. How are those guys adjusting?

Landry: You would never know. You'd never know those guys are first- and second-year guys. They continue to improve each and every day. They're some of our hardest working guys on the team. The way they played, the way they approach the game is something that is important to our team because we need them. We need them to be able to block, be assignment sound, make catches, play special teams, all of the things those guys embrace. You had a relationship with Anthony Schwartz before the draft. What's the thing you like the best about the way he approaches the game?

Landry: Just his attention to details. I think that's one of the things he embodies. Last week, he played in a huge environment like KC down in Arrowhead and I don't think he had one mental error. That says a lot about his preparation. You did a little bit of everything in Week 1. You caught the ball, ran the ball and even had an opportunity to throw it. Is that the kind of role you like?

Landry: That's probably always been the case. Coach Stefanski does a great job of allowing me to be that guy for this team and use me in those ways. It's a weapon. It's another weapon our offense has. I love being a part of those plays and hopefully we'll keep it going and making positive plays so I can keep doing them. When do you find time to warm up your arm?

Landry: I never really do. I never really do but I'm always ready. There's a lot of familiar faces on this Texans roster. Is there one person you're most looking forward to seeing?

Landry: I'm looking forward to seeing all of those guys. All of those guys, we share a distinct type of relationship. I'm happy for each and every last one of them and looking forward to seeing all of them. Houston's defense had a strong start to the season. What challenges do they present and how different are they from what you saw Week 1?

Landry: They're pretty sound. They know what coverages they want to play and they do it to a high level. That's something that makes it pretty tough on an offense to not make mistakes. They thrive on teams making mistakes. They're very simplistic with a lot of things they do but they do those things well. You make mistakes and they can make plays for sure. You got to experience a full stadium last week but that crowd was rooting against you. This week, they'll be rooting for you at FirstEnergy Stadium. How excited are you about playing in front of a packed house?

Landry: I'm excited to get back into the Dawg Pound. It's been a while. I'm excited to finally see it packed out. I know that energy is going to be there. We're looking forward to feeding off it. It's about time we get the Dawg Pound back. Hopefully we get a couple of Dawg Pound jumps in there this week.

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