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What They're Saying

What the Texans are saying about the Browns

Cleveland hosts Houston for its first home game of 2021

As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Texans, we're checking out what they're saying in Houston about the game.

They've got a defensive end there who's a pretty good player in this league. They also have Clowney, and those are two good rusher ... Offensively, they've got a lot of weapons. They've got a very good quarterback and probably the best two combo running backs in the game. They've got skill all over the place. We talk about over the course of the year how you're going to play teams you consider playoff-caliber teams — guys that are expected to be there. We feel like we're playing one of those teams this week. Texans head coach David Culley
I think I grew as a person that year, dealing with adversity and becoming more fo a vocal leader than I've had before. Up until that time, that team we had in Cleveland in '18 was fairly young, and we had to find different ways to lead. At the time, I was 28 the third-oldest on the team. Guys looked at me like I was one of the older players. Texans QB and former Browns player Tyrod Taylor on his time in Cleveland in 2018
They have one of the better fronts in the league. You have Myles Garrett, who's a premier pass rusher, and Clowney who has played a number of downs on this league and is still a top pass rusher in this league. It's not just two of them — they have the two Maliks up front who are good at rushing the passer and getting after the quarterback. They're a feisty defense, and we have to be clean in protection as well as the run game. Taylor on the Browns' D-Line
He's as disruptive as ever. From the moment he got here (in 2014), he was a guy here you had to know where he was every snap, or else he has the ability to wreck every play. That hasn't changed. It didn't change last year when he was in Tennessee. Getting ready for him these past two seasons brings back a lot of memories of him on the field. You still see the play-making ability he has. He's still sudden. He's still strong. He's still explosive. Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly on facing Browns DE Jadeveon Clowney
Their defensive unit is littered with guys you have to take care of on every down. He's got good play-making ability, and his instincts and awareness really put him in position to make good plays. Kelly on Browns LB Anthony Walker Jr.
They're great players. We have to come with our hard hats on and work. It's going to be a battle, for sure. In our game plan, we're mixing up some things to get those boys off track. The main thing is to just stick to our game plan and come ready to play. Texans OT Laremy Tunsil on the Browns defense
They have stars at every position, it seems like. It'll be a big challenge for us. When you're building a program like we're doing right now and coming back up, it's good to see how you match up against one of the best teams in our conference. Texans defensive coordinator Lovie Smith
All of them can stretch the field. All of them can block. That's when it's tough, when you're playing tight ends. They like their tight ends so much that sometimes they don't go three receivers — they keep three tight ends. That really causes problems when you do that. We like our matchups, too, though. Smith on facing the Browns' tight ends
Probably some food. I called my Mom, I need a home-cooked meal when I come back. But honestly, it's just always fun playing home. It's kind of always a personal game for me. I'm just excited to go back and hopefully have better results than when we went back there last year. Texans TE and former Browns player Pharoah Brown

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