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What They're Saying

What the Texans are saying about the Browns

Houston's offense averages 328.4 passing yards per game at home


After their two-game home stand, the Browns will travel to Houston to play the Texans on Sunday. The Texans offense averages 328.4 passing yards at home and are 5-2 at NRG Stadium. The Browns are 2-4 and have allowed an average of 122 rushing yards on the road. The last time the Browns played in Houston was Dec. 4, 2022, when they beat the Texans 27-14.

Let's see what the Texans said this week about their Week 16 matchup against the Browns.

"Myles [Garrett] is one of the top rushers, top defensive ends in this league. Everybody understands that he is one of the best players. Each and every year that he’s been in the league, he’s a problem. We have our hands full, for sure. How do you handle him? That’s the key for everybody that goes against him. How do you handle such a tremendous player – run game, pass game? They do a great job of moving him around as well, so he’s not just always on the edge. Myles is an exceptional talent – truly generational talent who’s done great things in the league." HC DeMeco Ryans on the challenge DE Myles Garrett brings
"Man, he’s – first of all, he can still throw a really nice deep ball. You saw some of those last week, all the explosives that they had. I mean, it’s so effortless, his motion and he can still sling it. And obviously, he’s got all the experience in the world in terms of operating and running the system, seeing coverages, all of that stuff. It’s not a surprise to me that he was able to just slide in. Obviously, kind of at this point in the year and have some success, but I would say that his arm is still all there." DC Matt Burke on what QB Joe Flacco does well
"[Joe] Flacco, another veteran guy who stepped in late in the season. You’ve seen success from him just because he’s done it for such a long time, and he’s done it at a high level. Joe has won Super Bowls, he’s been in the playoffs numerous amount of years, playing really good teams up there in Baltimore. You see him step in there immediately and impact this team just because of his experience. He knows where to go with the football. He’s smart and he’s helped that team tremendously." HC DeMeco Ryans on preparing for QB Joe Flacco
"They’re aggressive in coverage. They try to smother you. They try to make it where, within the timing of the play, you don’t feel like you have many answers. And they kind of lean on their pass rush, for sure, but they’re talented in coverage, as well. So, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room with this defense, it really shows up all over. It shows up in the pass game, it shows up in the run game. You have to play some really clean, almost perfect football if you want to stay on the field and keep it moving." OC Bobby Slowik on the Browns secondary