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What They're Saying

What the Steelers are saying about the Browns 

Pittsburgh will travel to Cleveland for the second matchup of the season in Week 11


The Browns will get an opportunity to even things up with the Steelers this Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Both teams are 6-3, and a win will put them a game away from the AFC North division leader in the Ravens.

Let's see what the Steelers said about their Week 11 matchup against the Browns.

On to Cleveland. Obviously, it's AFC North football. They're familiar with us, we're familiar with them. It's a big game in their venue, we respect that. We're really excited about the rivalries that comprise our division. We've had two divisional games, but we haven't had an opportunity to go into a hostile environment, and so, there's growth associated with that. We'll walk out of this experience knowing more about ourselves, individually and collectively. We better prepare with respect to that, the environmental component and what that means. What that means to communicate on offense, and so forth. Some challenges there, obviously. But it's beyond just environmental challenges, they got some people to contend with as well. HC Mike Tomlin on playing the Browns
It's big. You kind of practice against him in the spring and camp. You kind of understand what you need to do to try and slow those guys down as much as you can and not have him affect practice. And then obviously, in the game, Myles (Garrett). So, unbelievable player, elite talent that we got to try minimize as much as we can. QB Kenny Pickett on how LB TJ Watt prepares him for DE Myles Garrett
They've got a bunch of great players. As you all know, they're No. 1 in the league in defense. Schematically, they do a great job. They also do a great job with the talent they've acquired and the way they play. They certainly get up the field with their front. Obviously, we know 95 (Myles Garrett), leading the league in sacks and the tremendous talent he brings. You have to know where he is. OC Matt Canada on the Browns run defense
Well, I think you always have to take into account injuries, but I think playing the team we play, we'd better have linebackers that are ready to play. I think that's really the big thing. We know they're going to run the ball and try to run the ball effectively, so we'd better make sure we have the right guys in the game. I don't think that is a major schematic change or major anything like that. It's just that we know Cleveland, and Cleveland knows us. We'd better bow up and get ready for a tough football game. DC Teryl Austin on going against the Browns