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What They're Saying

What the Jaguars are saying about the Browns 

Jacksonville is the only team in the NFL that hasn't lost on the road this season


The Browns will host the Jaguars on Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium and face a tough matchup, as the Jaguars are 6-0 when on the road this season and are the only undefeated road team in the NFL. The last time these two teams faced off was on Nov. 29, 2020, in Jacksonville, and the Browns beat the Jaguars 27-25.

There will also be a sense of familiarity on the sidelines, as Jaguars HC Doug Pederson and DC Jim Schwartz worked together for five seasons (2016-20) in Philadelphia, where Schwartz served as Pederson's defensive coordinator. The two won their only Super Bowl together in 2017.

Let's see what the Jaguars said this week about their Week 14 matchup against the Browns.

“It really starts with Coach Schwartz, with Jim honestly. The way he coaches these guys and what he says to them, how he says it to them. It’s an aggressive style that goes all the way back to his days when he coordinated in Tennessee back in those days. The type of the defenses that he had, it starts up front. It starts with those front four. If he feels like he can put pressure on their quarterback with four, now he’s got seven guys back there with eyes on the quarterback making plays on the ball in the run and pass game. That’s what you see with this defense and the strength because this d-line, they’re aggressive. Obviously, we know Myles Garrett, heck of a player, a lot of respect for him and the way he plays the game. The other guys are just as talented as well. That’s where it starts, it starts up front, but it really starts with how Jim messages with these guys.” HC Doug Pederson on the Browns defense
“He is a freak show. He looks like the Hulk. We’ve watched the highlights of him playing basketball. We’ve watched the highlights of him doing the 60-inch box jump. It’s incredible what he’s able to do. He’s got speed, power and quickness. They move him around. They do a good job of not putting him stationery where you know where he’s going to be. You can build a plan just to emphasize that area, he moves around enough within the system to where you can’t ever settle into if he’s on the left side, if he’s on the right side, he’s going to be on this side, whatever it is. He’s the total package of being able to align anywhere, to do anything, to use any sort of move to be able to win a pass rush potentially. He’s a problem.” OC Press Taylor on Browns DE Myles Garrett
"Win, that’s it. As a defense, we have to understand that we get another opportunity to go out there and help this team get the victory. That’s the only thing we’re focused on. All the other stuff, we’ll let it take care of itself. It’s good that it’s a short week because it’s time to get back out there. It’s not a good feeling and we’re trying to get rid of it." DC Mike Caldwell on the expectations going against Cleveland
"Really good defense. Been knowing (CB) Denzel Ward for a while now, he's a great corner. He has great corners around him, safeties and a great D-line. Great defense." WR Calvin Ridley on Denzel Ward and the Browns defense