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What They're Saying

What the Bears are saying about the Browns

Chicago's defense has held teams to an average of 19.0 points and an average of 284 total yards over its last nine games


The Browns will welcome the Bears into Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday. The Bears defense has held teams to an average of 19.0 points per game and total 284.0 yards over their last nine games. The Bears gave up an average of 34.3 points and 383.3 total yards in their first four games of the season. In their last three games, they have managed to force 11 turnovers, out of which nine were interceptions.

Let's see what the Bears said this week about their Week 15 matchup against the Browns.

See what he does well—which is pretty much everything. Just have a plan for him going into the game and execute that plan. He's the best defensive player on the field so you've got to know where he is at all times, every play. QB Justin Fields on stopping DE Myles Garrett
They give us a report each week and the Browns defense were like number one in defensive statistic. I was like this going to be fun. Then when you go out there you have 99 and 95 staring at you at the same time, it's fun. You want to play against the best. Those two you have to account for at all times. OC Luke Getsy what challenges the Browns defense present to the Bears
The thing that stands out is his (Joe Flacco) ability to make every throw. He's got a strong arm and is very comfortable in the pocket. It's impressive to see a guy who just got there have so much good command of the offense. Again his arm strength and ability to make every throw is what stands out. LB coach Dave Borgonzi on what stands out about QB Joe Flacco
Definitely will get some wind in that stadium. Similarities to our stadium. It's tougher to kick in Soldier Stadium in my opinion but it's a stadium that has given a lot of people challenges. In particular their field goal block unit is number one in the league at opponent field goal with 68 percent. It's definitely a tough stadium to kick in and they do an excellent job rushing the field goal. Special teams coordinator Richard Hightower on how difficult it is to kick at Cleveland Browns Stadium