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What They're Saying

What the Rams are saying about the Browns

Cleveland's all-time record against Los Angeles is 11-13 


As Sunday approaches, the Browns aim to start a new winning streak after the Broncos ended their three-game run in Week 12. They will face the 5-6 Rams to wrap up their West Coast road trip.

Let's see what the Rams said about their Week 13 matchup against the Browns.

"(Browns Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz) Coach Schwartz does an excellent job. He's always been a guy that I have a lot of respect for from going against him – whether it was when I was back in Washington, or even in our early parts of when we first got here, it seemed like we played Philly almost every single year when he was the D-coordinator. He does a great job. They've got great players on all three levels of the defense. They do an excellent job of really attacking you and then there's enough mixers and putting guys in the right spots. But you're seeing why the numbers are what they are because they're as good as advertised." HC Sean McVay on what he sees from the Browns defense
"Yeah, he's definitely a really smart guy. He thinks about it, like you said, from an analytical standpoint, but also feels the game as well. As a coordinator, I think he does a nice job of just kind of seeing what's going on out there and then calling it from his gut. So, like I said, presents a big challenge for us both personnel- and scheme-wise. A lot of respect for their team and how they go about it." QB Matthew Stafford on his respect for DC Jim Schwartz
"Joe, awesome two years with him. A good friend now, obviously working with him and didn't know anything about him except for 'Cool Joe' and what we all got to see from him being on TV and stuff like that and how well he's performed throughout his career. But he was a pleasure to work with. He had some memorable moments when he was in there. Week 2 of last year we went into Cleveland when I was with the Jets and he threw four touchdowns and led the team back to an awesome victory. So those were the cool things on the field, but the better stuff was off the field. He's just a great human, great person to work with and glad he's back in it. I hope he gets really rolling after this week obviously." OC Mike LaFleur on Joe Flacco
Yeah, well I think like you said, (Browns Defensive Coordinator) Coach Schwartz has done a great job in this league for a long time. Defensively, I think those guys, the identity of what they play with has been pretty consistent under his leadership and I think his Browns team plays with that same energy, same physicality. There's obviously the mixes of pressures that you're going to see. WR Cooper Kupp on challenges facing the Browns defense