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What They're Saying

What the Seahawks are saying about the Browns

The last time the Browns won in Seattle was in 1989

What they are saying

The Browns will travel to Seattle to face off against the Seahawks on Oct. 29 at Lumen Field. The Browns have won two games in a row and will try to make it three on Sunday.

Let's see what the Seahawks said about their Week 8 matchup against the Browns.

I would say his mixture of speed and power. Just physically a strong dude, a big dude out there, and he’s equally as athletic, which is rare to have that speed-to-power combo. He’s quick. He can get on the edges. He can bend. He does so many things really well. He’s showing and proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, that’s every week in the NFL, you’re going to have these challenges. I think our guys are going to be really ready for the challenge this week. QB Geno Smith on DE Myles Garrett
They’re really aggressive. We’ve been around Jim Schwartz for a long time, his scheme and style and the nature that he coaches into these guys. Very aggressive upfront on the attack. The focus is the front four, but their backers are really aggressive as well. There’s a whole philosophy that we recognize because we’ve seen Jim for years. HC Pete Carroll on the Browns defense
Their pass rush is definitely elite and then they have some very good DBs. It’s going to be a challenge I think for us just to continue to build on what we did last week. We got better in third down. Still have to get better in the red zone. It’s just another challenge for us to go out there. But it’s just against a better defense, I think it’s a good challenge for us. WR DK Metcalf on what jumps out about the Browns defense
He wins. (He) won the 49ers game and hung in this game against Indy all the way to the very end to come up with enough plays to get the win. And they scored 39 points in the game, too. Those are two big wins for him. He’s coming in with confidence, I’m sure. He’s an active, mobile guy that can make things happen, similar in style to Deshaun (Watson). HC Pete Carroll on QB P.J. Walker
Just some veteran guys out there. It starts with Denzel Ward, one of the better corners in the league. He does a great job in coverage. He’s a man corner, so he does a great job of shutting guys down. When you look on the other side, you have (Greg) Newsome (II), who plays outside but he also plays inside in the nickel. They have a great multiple scheme that they use where either guy can be in any spot and they all play it well. Then you talk about (Martin) Emerson (Jr.) on the outside, he’s got a few picks already, he’s very tight in coverage. He’s a bigger guy, he can cover the bigger guys in the league. Looking around at their DBs, they have a bunch of talented playmakers. Just as always, we have to go out there and execute. QB Geno Smith on what he makes of the Browns DBs