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15 questions for Jarvis Landry, who wants to see the Browns to 'play to our potential' vs. Seahawks

Jarvis Landry has seen it. Cleveland's veteran wide receiver just wants to see it more when the games count on Sundays.

The "it" is the Browns' potential. Even in Week 4, when the Browns posted 40 points on the division rival Ravens, Landry saw an offense that had plenty of room to grow.

Sunday against the Seahawks is the next, biggest opportunity for "it" to show itself. caught up with Landry as he wrapped up preparations for Seattle. Has the short week been good to help you guys move on from last week's loss?

Landry: That's part of it. I think we tried to put last week's loss behind us as quickly as possible and tried to move on. Being a veteran, is coming back from the West Coast on a Monday night tougher or easier than it used to be?

Landry: I don't think it's something you ever really get used to. Those trips are maybe once or twice a year for some teams. It's definitely tough but to get back adjusted and have a home game following that, it's pretty good for us to get back to our routine and get our bodies back. You do anything specific to get over that jet lag?

Landry: Sleep. That's about it. Sleep and if I'm not here, I'm on the table at my house getting worked on as much as possible. Some players have said this has been the most focused they've seen the team at practice. What's it been like from your perspective?

Landry: Everybody seems to be in the right mindset. Everybody is focused on one goal and that's winning. I think for us, again, we've just got to find ways to start fast and continue to be disciplined. That seems to be the common refrain. It hasn't been the mindset or the focus. It's just the little things.

Landry: We're talented as ever but we all know that in this league on Sundays, you've still got to go win the game. You've got to earn the win. Obviously, we practice hard. We've just got to figure out ways to put it together when gameday comes, be disciplined, play to our potential, make plays and dominate. Does it seem more attainable because the offense played so well just two weeks ago?

Landry: Even then, I think there were points we left out there, plays we left out there. There's still a lot of things guys will tell you themselves they could have done better. I know myself, personally, there are things I could have done better. There's still a lot of things we can get corrected. Obviously, that was promising. You cleared 500 receptions Monday with your first catch of the game. Has it sunk in yet the kind of exclusive company you're in with how fast you did it?

Landry: It's amazing. It's a testament to hard work, to all of my teammates, all the quarterbacks I had throwing me the ball and making it possible to make plays. Did you anticipate Odell Beckham Jr. being the quarterback for No. 500?

Landry: I did not. I would have never imagined I would ever catch a pass from him. Maybe down the road, but not this soon. For it to be the 500th catch is amazing. You guys both have big arms, right?

Landry: It's just natural ability. And we get opportunities in this offense to use them. What's the key to get both of you guys going at the same time in a game?

Landry: We've got to start fast, whether it's the running game or the passing game. Then we have to find ways from there to get playmakers the ball. How much would it help to get Rashard Higgins back on the field?

Landry: A lot. I guess he's technically a veteran. We could definitely use his mindset, his savvy, things he does well. Obviously he makes plays on gameday. For us, it'd be good. It'd be good to have him back. When you look at the Seattle defense, is it a matter of the players changing but the system remains the same?

Landry: They do a couple things a little differently but they're still going to be a great team. I can't even just say they're a great defense. They're a great team. We're going to have our hands full in all phases. What's this tough schedule to start the year been like?

Landry: We're building all of those callouses, we're learning about ourselves, we're learning how to beat tough teams, playoff-contending teams. We've just got to find ways to play to our potential, not turn the ball over, be the most disciplined team. That at least gives us a chance. From there, playmakers have to make more plays than their playmakers. A lot of the defensive players have taken ownership of last week's performance. How much confidence does the offense have in that group bouncing back?

Landry: I have all the faith in the world of what they can do and what they're capable of. The type of guys over there, the playmakers aren't just on offense. They're on defense as well. To see those guys step up this week with a bit of a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, it's going to be exciting. How important is it to get a win before the bye week, and how much does that help make the bye week enjoyable?

Landry: I want to enjoy my bye week, so we're counting on this one. It's a big game for us. We want to continue to put our stake in this league that we're a contending team. We've got to find ways to play to our potential and be the most disciplined team.

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