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#BrownsCamp Daily: 'Well-rounded' defense eager to pick up where it left off

Get caught up on all you missed from Wednesday's practice


The Browns defense has no shortage of veterans and — as of this season — continuity, which has led to no shortage in confidence among the group in 2022.

That point was one of the most obvious on Day 1 of training camp, and it was highlighted by statements from Myles Garrett and Greg Newsome II as they discussed their goals for the defense and what the group should be able to achieve this season.

"We'll be as dominant as we want to be," Garrett said. "We have a lot of talented guys across the board, and I feel like this is probably the most well-rounded we've been since I've been here."

The Browns finished fifth in the league last year in total defense and believe it can begin this season with the same type of dominance. That level of play was established more consistently in the second half of last year after several new players added to the group — S John Johnson III, LB Anthony Walker Jr., DE Jadeveon Clowney, Newsome and others — gained a better understanding of the system and grew chemistry with teammates.

The group largely stayed in intact this year. Eight of the 11 starters last year are set to return, so there won't be as much time needed to learn assignments, coverages and play calls.

Stefanski highlighted the continuity as one reason why the group's confidence is so high.

"If you go way back to 2020, it was a new system so it was new for everybody," he said. "Then going into 2021, same system, but a lot of new faces. Year 3, it's the same system for a third year now with a lot of faces who have been in that system. I think the confidence comes from guys that have been in the system and have played meaningful snaps in that system. I think the coaches work really well together. I think (defensive coordinator) Joe (Woods) and his staff have done an outstanding job so I think that is where that confidence comes from."

We'll see how that confidence shows on the practice fields throughout camp.

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