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S Grant Delpit carries his in-game swagger to his fashion sense off the field

Delpit has been an important piece of the Browns defense in the secondary


S Grant Delpit started the 2023 season off on an impressive foot, when in Week 1 against the Bengals, he led the team with eight tackles, recorded a QB hit and had a clutch pass breakup against WR Tee Higgins in the red zone, showing his high level of awareness.

Through four games, Delpit has continued to be a part of the success of the Browns defense. He has 21 tackles, a fumble recovery and an interception. Pro Football Focus reports that he allows only four yards per reception with his coverage and minimal yards after the catch, utilizing his 4.52 speed in the 40 for quick recovery.

Delpit also has five defensive stops, allowed eight receptions for 22 yards and no defensive penalties. PFF has Delpit ranked as the third best safety in the league.

"I want to be the best," Delpit said. "It's just taking that extra time and listening to guys like Rodney (McLeod) that's helping me out as seasoned vets, man, that's just seeing everything and just helping us out really. And as a defense, we are playing with confidence."

Delpit has been brimming with confidence and swagger on the field this season. His confidence is reflected not only on the field but also in his fashion sense.

"When you look good, you play good," Delpit said. "I am new to this fashion game, but I put it on."

In a video posted by the Browns social media team on TikTok on Sept. 28, the players were asked who they thought was the best dressed on the team. Delpit was chosen the most.

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Delpit has various clothes that fit different cultural trends but doesn't have a specific style. His favorite clothes right now are Japanese-based brands like Junya Watanabe and Kapital. When asked about who he looks to for fashion advice, Delpit said nobody.

"I do not look at other stars pages for outfit ideas or style ideas," Delpit said. "However, I like how certain guys dress. Someone who I think is swaggy in sports is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander."

Delpit can't wait to wear a "crazy" outfit for game day, and he's not going to shy away from the opportunity to do so.

"I am trying to come hot into the fashion world and see what I like and do not like," Delpit said. "I am new to fashion, so it's about seeing all the styles I like and then later picking which one to stick with. I didn't wear any crazy (Russell) Westbrook or Kyle Kuzma fit yet. Coming soon, wait on it."