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Greg Newsome II has kept receipts, and is prepared to face off against the Bengals' wide receivers


Browns cornerback Greg Newsome II keeps receipts. Specifically, when it comes to the Bengals and his history with their wide receivers.

As they head into the season opener against the Bengals at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday, Newsome still holds onto those past events as a form of motivation.

"Any way you can get an edge, any single game to just elevate your game, even that one percent more, definitely always keep receipts," Newsome said on Thursday.

The Bengals' receiving corps presents a challenge heading into Week 1 of the regular season. Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd all complement one another as part of the Bengals' offense. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has taken note.

"When it's all said and done, that's going to be one of the keys to this game is how well we do with run after the catch with their receivers," Schwartz said on Thursday. "Everybody wants to think it's all plays down the field, but five-yard completions that they run for 25 can be just as damaging to a defense."

Check out photos of the team working to prepare for their first regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals

Yet, Newsome is ready for the matchup.

If he lines up across from Chase come Sunday, it could add more fuel to the fire. But it isn't just Chase. He feels that way about the Bengals' top three receivers with Higgins and Boyd. Last season against Cincinnati, Newsome recorded nine tackles, six of which were solo tackles.

"I would say that, but I would say all three of the receivers," Newsome said. "I mean arguably they're one of the best receiving corps in the league, so getting the opportunity to go against any one of those guys is special for me and every single time I get a chance to go against one of them, my eyes definitely get wide. I'm ready to go."

Newsome also looks for ways to motivate his own teammates around him while on the field to help their defense succeed, as well as demonstrate his competitive nature.

"I'm just a competitor," Newsome said. "Whatever I can do out there, I play with a bunch of energy, a bunch of passion, but I mean that's fine because we definitely talk, but we're going to back it up too."

And while the past adds to the hype of Week 1 against the Bengals, Newsome believes that the two teams match up well against one another. The Browns are 4-1 against Joe Burrow at the helm of the Bengals' offense.

Newsome attributes their recent success over the Bengals because of their game plan and how they use their strengths to their advantage. One of Cincinnati's strengths is in its receiving core, and Newsome believes one of Cleveland's comes in its secondary and pass rush.

Even with history between the Browns' secondary and the Bengals' wide receivers, Week 1 is also an opportunity to get a full look at the Browns' defense. For Newsome, it's a chance for them to showcase all their work throughout the summer.

"I think this first game is definitely going to say a lot about how hard we've worked, how hard we've prepared for this game and for this moment," Newsome said. "So, I'm definitely super excited."

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