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Kareem Hunt 'ready to get out there and do whatever they ask' to help Browns win in 2020

The NFL's leading rusher in 2017, Kareem Hunt is eager to get a full season of production under his belt with the Browns in 2020. 

While the offseason has been unusual to say the least, one of the strangest things I've noticed in interviews with the national media is the fact that Hunt seems to be a forgotten man on this very talented Browns offense. He certainly is not an afterthought when it comes to the Browns plans this year, but he does have a chip on his shoulder and feels like he has a lot to prove.  

"I was born with a chip on my shoulder and it's definitely still here more than ever. I definitely can't wait to go out there and shine," Hunt said. "You know, my name doesn't get brought up much at all, and it's fine." 

Hunt knows that talking is not going to accomplish anything, but he is very confident his play will, adding "I'm going to come out there and I'm gonna get mine," whenever the opportunity presents itself. "All I can do is take it play by play and make the most of my opportunities." 

If a running back were looking for opportunity, he couldn't ask to be in a better offense than the one being installed by new head coach Kevin Stefanski. Hunt is excited to see what he and Nick Chubb can do in this running back-focused scheme.  

"They run a lot of two backs," Hunt said. "I see myself just coming in and being a 1-2 (punch). You know, Nick and I just coming in and taking over the game every week."

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Hunt knows he will be more than just a ballcarrier in 2020, as this offense also calls on the running backs to catch the ball and to block, something Hunt showed he is more than willing to do during the second half of the 2019 season.  

"Anytime I can get on that field and make something happen, between running the football and blocking, I'm gonna give it 110 every time," Hunt said. "I'm ready to get out there and do whatever they ask."

That's because Hunt knows that everyone coming together and giving maximum effort on every play is the key for the Browns to achieve their true goal of winning. That is his sole focus in 2020.

"I want to win," he said. "I'm a competitor."

In addition to discussing his excitement for the upcoming season, Hunt talked about his offseason training regimen, running backs coach Stump Mitchell, his offensive philosophy, missing the guys in the locker room and much more in his exclusive interview Wednesday on Cleveland Browns Daily.

Here are some of the top quotes from our 15-minute interview:

On Stefanski's install of the offense over Zoom:

"He's doing a great job of communicating with us and detailing everything (about the offense)."

On how the organization views his role in 2020:

"They see me as a running back, not like a gadget type guy … a running back in a 1-2 (punch) and I respect that."

On the Browns backfield with both Hunt and Chubb:

"I definitely like Chubb and I, both of us have a unique running style, tough runners and I think we're both workhorses. I've never seen anything like this either." 

On Mitchell:

"We believe in him as a leader and as a coach …he's a great person and he's always keeping it real with you, no matter what."

On an odd training place he's utilized to train during quarantine:

"I have a garage I go to and I work with my track coach and he gets me right. He's got everything in this garage, you know, bench, weights, everything." 

On his simple philosophy for offensive success in the NFL:

"Everybody just beat your man and we'll be fine. If we beat our man (every time), we shouldn't lose."