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News & Notes: Rookie DE Alex Wright "flashed" in training camp

Wright has benefitted from opportunities in first-team reps


Kevin Stefanski has liked what he's seen so far from Alex Wright.

Wright, the third-round draft pick from UAB, was given a steady number of reps in training camp practices and joint workouts with the Eagles last week. That's partly because the Browns have monitored the workload from their top two edge veterans, Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett, who was excused four practice days last week due to a personal reason.

Wright has been next in line on the first team and has certainly benefited from the reps. He looked explosive and beat his man several times in practices against the Eagles, and he opened the preseason with six tackles, five of which came Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

"I think he has flashed," Stefanski said. "I think he's done a nice job in practice. Going back to the last couple of days versus the Eagles versus some really good tackles, he had some good rushes. Then in the game, he's done a nice job. He has made plays."

Since the day he was drafted, Wright has enthusiastically spoken about being able to learn from Garrett and accelerate his growth into the league. Clowney, who re-signed a few weeks after he was drafted, has been an excellent player to consistently watch each day, too, and Stefanski knows Wright has been soaking in the edge-rushing clinics they provide each practice.

"I think any young player is doing himself a disservice if he does not watch the vets in front of him and learn in terms of how they study, how they prepare, how they practice and the different techniques they use," Stefanski said. "He's fortunate to have a couple of veterans there in Myles and JD who have played the game at a really high level.

"He's a young man. A lot of this is new to him, just the NFL game, the speed of the NFL game and some of the things we are asking him to do schematically, but he has done a really nice job."

Check out photos of the Eagles against the Browns in week two of the preseason

Dunn sticking at C

With Nick Harris and Dawson Deaton out of the year, the Browns have given second-team snaps to G Michael Dunn, who had no experience at the position until last week.

QB Josh Dobbs couldn't tell Dunn was playing his first game as a center in Sunday's preseason contest.

"I had no clue until he told me on the sideline in the beginning of the fourth quarter," Dobbs said. "I was like, 'This is your first time playing center in a game?' That's pretty impressive.' He did a great job. Snaps were perfect – gun snaps and under center."

Dunn's career has been full of stepping in on short notice.

That's how his tenure with the team started in 2020, when he was called as an emergency replacement for Joel Bitonio during the Browns' playoff win over the Steelers. He continued to stay ready and fill in when needed in 2021 when injuries and COVID-19 obstacles forced starters to miss time and led him to start two games.

Now, he's filling in again at a new position. Stefanski said Dunn will continue taking reps at center and appreciated his ability to be versatile on quick notice.

"I thought he played well yesterday," Stefanski said. "I thought he plays hard as he always does. He finishes plays with the right amount of tenacity, playing with clean technique and those types of things. He always gives us an honest day's work."

Injury Updates

The Browns received good news on CB A.J. Green II, who was cleared after he exited Sunday's game to be evaluated for a concussion. Green was one of the standout players in training camp practices.

Stefanski also said DT Perrion Winfrey, who left the game early, is "working through a couple things, but he will be OK." WR Daylen Baldwin was also placed in concussion protocol.

CB M.J. Emerson Jr. left the game early due to a finger injury but is expected to be OK.

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