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Rodney McLeod believes Browns defense 'feeling good' about schemes from Jim Schwartz

McLeod believes the defense is right where they need to be through the first two weeks of training camp 


Rodney McLeod, who was part of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz's defense in Philadelphia for four seasons, has stepped up as a leader to assist his teammates with adapting to the new defensive playbook.

"I think guys are picking up the system very well," McLeod said. "I think we're right where we need to be. Of course, you know, camp is about continuing to get better each and every day, and guys are obviously locked in. And so things are starting to come together, more plays are starting to be made. And that has a lot to do with guys now having more familiarity with the scheme."

Check out photos of the team during the tenth day of Training Camp at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus

Schwartz's system is a more simplified approach to playing defense — the D-line's main job on most plays is to bulldoze forward, while the linebackers are tasked with taking care of any business that hits the second level of the field. The secondary, meanwhile, will be asked to play plenty of man-to-man coverage.

The biggest change most returning players face is different terminology and ensuring they're in the correct spots, and that's where a player like McLeod can become so valuable to his new team.

McLeod has seen the growth his new teammates have made.

"I think we're all feeling good," McLeod said. "It's not perfect, but that's what camp is for. And as long as you see improvement each and every day. We've been able to make a lot more plays over the course of this week, which has been good to see."

McLeod will continue to play a big role in supporting the secondary through the adjustment. Throughout his career, McLeod has demonstrated exceptional skills in both free and strong safety positions, which should help in him being a key piece for Schwartz as he aligns what should be a versatile defense to win individual matchups.

"Being in the scheme for so long, being around the league for a substantial amount of time, all of it is beneficial, all of it's helpful," he said. "So whether it's in a film room or a quick correction on the field, always just looking to be an additional set of eyes out there for the guys. 

"We're all here because we need everybody. And so the quicker we can get everybody up to speed, whether it's the playbook or just knowledge of the game. It only makes us that much better."

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