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WR Amari Cooper wreaked havoc on Titans cornerbacks in Week 3 matchup

Cooper forced four penalties on the Titans defense

Cooper sidebar Week 3

As QB Deshaun Watson looked downfield, he saw WR Amari Cooper deep near the end zone. Watson launched the ball and threw the ball to Cooper, who took off running, caught the pass and ran the last few yards into the end zone for the touchdown. 

The 43-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter gave the Browns a 27-3 lead over the Titans and secured the win on Sunday.

Cooper has been on a tear through the first three games this season. He had his best performance thus far when he caught seven passes for 116 yards and scored a touchdown against the Titans' aggressive defense Sunday. 

During the week heading into Sunday's game, Cooper mentioned how he was prepared to face CB Sean Murphy-Bunting and CB Kristian Fulton, who are aggressive cornerbacks that go after the ball. He also noted that aggressive corners don't faze him.

"Generally, if a corner is aggressive and loves to play with his hands at the line of scrimmage, you notice their feet aren't that good," Cooper said. "Because they don't really trust their feet and have to play that way. If you have good feet as a wide receiver, you want to pick on a guy who doesn't have good feet."

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Cooper's foreshadowing came to fruition Sunday when he forced two defensive holding calls and two defensive pass interference calls. Both Bunting and Fulton had two of each.

In the second quarter, officials did not call holding when Cooper looked to be held awkwardly in the end zone.

"It was 100 percent pass interference," Cooper said. "He grabbed me and pulled me like he was running towards Deshaun (Watson). I thought Deshaun fumbled the ball or something because he grabbed me and pulled me this way. I was so confused, and it was weird. I should've kept running, though."

Cooper played a fantastic game Sunday that could've statically looked better. One call came in the second quarter when he caught a 25-yard pass and was heading up the sidelines for a touchdown. As he made a juke move on the Titans' safety to get him off balance, the referee called Cooper out of bounds.

Replay showed Cooper did not appear to step out of bounds, so head coach Kevin Stefanski called time out, hoping to challenge. Due to the referee calling the play dead, the Browns couldn't challenge the play.

"I got robbed out of a touchdown," Cooper said of the play. "The safety was cooked. I was 100 percent scoring after I made my move. I knew I didn't step out of bounds. I'm not sure why they called me out."

Cooper mentioned that the referee who made the wrong call apologized to Stefanski but not him.

Even through the missteps, the four-time Pro-Bowler was one of Watson's main targets on Sunday. The connection between the two has played an important role in the offense now that RB Nick Chubb is out for the season with a knee injury.

No other receiver on the team has had over 50 yards receiving this season. Cooper has twice so far through the first three games. In the loss to the Steelers in Week 2, Cooper also had 90 receiving yards on seven receptions. Through three games, he has 17 catches on 25 targets for 243 yards.

"Amari is going a heck of a job just communicating, " Watson said. "The biggest part is the communication. Sometimes, if I don't see a certain throw or guy, he comes to the sideline and talks to me about it. I trust him because he's a veteran and has been here. I just got to put the ball in a good placement, for he can make the play."

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