Videos - December 2021

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2021-12-01 Andrew Berry: "Adversity is universally important for growth"
2021-12-04 Browns Bye Week | Browns Hot Minute
2021-12-05 Baker Mayfield’s 247 passing yards in week 12 passed who for third most career passing yards in franchise history? | Browns Trivia
2021-12-06 Kevin Stefanski: "I feel like the team has been recharged during this bye week"
2021-12-06 Kareem Hunt: "Working everyday to get back and get healthy" 
2021-12-06 Anthony Walker: "We still have all of our goals out in front of us"
2021-12-07 Player Spotlight: Greg Newsome II
2021-12-08 Austin Hooper: "We all gotta do what we gotta do" 
2021-12-08 Denzel Ward: "We just gotta play as a team"
2021-12-08 Grant Delpit: "We just got to shut them down"
2021-12-08 Kevin Stefanski: "We're looking forward to a great week"
2021-12-08 Arby's Foundation presents Stay in the Game! Network with $100,000 grant
2021-12-09 John Johnson: "We just want to play our game plan"
2021-12-09 Donovan Peoples-Jones: "Chance to refocus, recharge, and reengage"
2021-12-09 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "I just go out there and play"
2021-12-09 Joel Bitonio: "It starts with communication"
2021-12-09 Joe Woods: "We have a fast defense and we can contain in the open field"
2021-12-09 Mike Priefer: "Every opportunity I get to coach these guys and to make them better, that's my job"
2021-12-09 Alex Van Pelt: "You could definitely feel the energy" 
2021-12-10 Browns Live: Week 14 vs. Baltimore Ravens
2021-12-10 Ben Bloom: "We're really confident in our depth with our defense"
2021-12-10 Denzel Ward named Cleveland Browns 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year
2021-12-10 Ryan Cordell: "As a young coach you are always looking forward to running a room
2021-12-10 Play Breakdown: Attacking Cover 3
2021-12-10 Myles Garrett: "Nothing else matters until we make the playoffs"
2021-12-10 Jacob Phillips: "Feeling ready to go"
2021-12-10 Dustin Colquitt: "Woke up this morning and I was thankful to be a part of this team"
2021-12-10 Kevin Stefanski: "We have to take care of our business and that is our main focus" 
2021-12-11 Player Spotlight: John Johnson III
2021-12-11 Browns Recharged After Bye Week | Browns Hot Minute
2021-12-12 Game Preview: Week 14 vs. Baltimore Ravens
2021-12-12 Baker Mayfield's back-shoulder pass navigates Donovan Peoples-Jones for 34 yards
2021-12-12 Jarvis Landry will not be denied on first TD catch of '21 season
2021-12-12 Can't-Miss Play: Myles Garrett's strip-sack turns into 15-yard TD return
2021-12-12 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2021-12-12 Jadeveon Clowney and Nick Chubb Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2021-12-12 Browns vs. Ravens Postgame Analysis | Cleveland Browns
2021-12-12 Denzel Ward and Myles Garrett Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2021-12-12 Denzel Ward stuffs Rashod Bateman on game-ending blow
2021-12-12 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Ravens
2021-12-12 Kevin Stefanski Victory Speech vs. Ravens
2021-12-13 Kevin Stefanski: "Great to come away with a win against a division opponent"
2021-12-13 Jim Donovan calls Jarvis Landry's TD vs. Ravens
2021-12-13 Austin Hooper TD vs. Ravens
2021-12-13 Donovan and Dieken call Myles Garrett's Strip Sack Score vs. Ravens
2021-12-14 Kevin Stefanski: "We're just going to focus on today."
2021-12-14 Joel Bitonio: "We're taking it day by day and trying to focus on the game"
2021-12-15 Kevin Stefanski: "We need to focus on what we need to do to prepare for Saturday"
2021-12-15 Mike Priefer: "This organization has great contingency plans for situations like this"
2021-12-15 Joe Woods: "Our players will be ready for Saturday" 
2021-12-15 Alex Van Pelt on Case Keenum: "He's a true pro that can win us football games"
2021-12-15 Case Keenum: "Everybody's ready to go"
2021-12-15 "Everyone needs to prepare like they're a starter this week"
2021-12-16 Myles Garrett Named to Madden's Exclusive 99 Club
2021-12-16 Denzel Ward surprises NFL Extra Points Cardmembers at the Browns Pro Shop
2021-12-16 Kevin Stefanski: "It's all adapting to being flexible during this time" 
2021-12-16 David Njoku: "We need to overcome this adversity"
2021-12-16 Myles Garrett: "We need to control what we can control" 
2021-12-17 Building The Browns 2021: Salute to Service (Ep. 11)
2021-12-17  Play Breakdown: Myles Garrett Forced Fumble Touchdown
2021-12-17 Player Spotlight: Denzel Ward
2021-12-17 Browns Hot Minute: Next Man Up vs. Raiders
2021-12-17 The 2021 Browns rushing attack is second in the NFL with 61 rushes for at least 10 yards. Which team is first? | Browns Trivia
2021-12-18 Game Preview: Week 15 vs. Las Vegas Raiders
2021-12-18 Kevin Stefanski: "We have time to make adjustments"
2021-12-18 Anthony Walker: "We'll be ready"
2021-12-18 Nick Mullens: "We're going to stay optimistic and do our job"
2021-12-20 Browns, FirstEnergy plans for future lighting system at Bump Taylor Field
2021-12-20 2 Minute Drill: Reserve/COVID 19 List Update 
2021-12-21 Nick Chubb follows a convoy toward the boundary for Browns' first TD
2021-12-21 Sheldon Day's backfield penetration forces cutback to Malik Jackson for TFL
2021-12-21 Nick Mullens' 25-yard loft connects with leaping Peoples-Jones
2021-12-21 Nick Mullens extends broken fourth-down play for game-tying TD pass
2021-12-21 Greedy Williams grabs INT on Carr's deep launch for crucial Browns takeaway
2021-12-21 Mike Priefer Postgame Press Conference vs. Raiders
2021-12-21 Nick Chubb Postgame Press Conference vs. Raiders | Cleveland Browns
2021-12-21 Myles Garrett and MJ Stewart Postgame Press Conference vs. Raiders | Cleveland Browns
2021-12-21 Browns vs. Raiders Postgame Analysis
2021-12-21 Nick Mullens Postgame Press Conference vs. Raiders | Cleveland Browns
2021-12-21 Kevin Stefanski: "They are one game seasons" 
2021-12-22 Malik Jackson: "Trying to go 10-7 that's the goal"
2021-12-22 JC Tretter on the COVID-19 situation: "This has been exhausting on everybody around the league"
2021-12-22 Kevin Stefanski: "We're on a short week so we really have to go full speed versus the Packers" 
2021-12-23 Kevin Stefanski: "Excited for the challenge" 
2021-12-23 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "Everybody has to focus on their one job"
2021-12-23 Donovan Peoples-Jones: "You got to roll with what you got" 
2021-12-23 Myles Garrett: "I have a lot of respect for the people I play against" 
2021-12-23 2 Minute Drill: Green Bay Packers
2021-12-23 Play Breakdown: Browns vs. Raiders | Browns Live
2021-12-24 Player Spotlight: Harrison Bryant
2021-12-25 Game Preview: Week 16 vs. Green Bay Packers
2021-12-25 Browns in Green Bay | Browns Hot Minute
2021-12-25 Nick Chubb plows through goal-line pileup for TD on opening drive
2021-12-25 Nick Chubb churns feet for physical 40-yard catch and run
2021-12-25 Nick Chubb hits the edge for explosive 27-yard pickup
2021-12-25 Baker Mayfield rolls out to find Harrison Bryant for play-action TD
2021-12-25 Jarvis Landry ducks under would-be tackler to gain 24 yards
2021-12-25 Baker Mayfield bounces outside on chain-moving 12-yard scramble
2021-12-25 Joe Jackson bullrushes through OL for dominant 9-yard TFL
2021-12-26 Andrew Schwartz finds a ton of space on 13-yard end around
2021-12-26 Mayfield's pump-fake sets up 5-yard TD to Anthony Schwartz
2021-12-26 D'Ernest Johnson explodes for 30-yard dash to keep chains moving
2021-12-26 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Packers
2021-12-26 Browns at Packers Postgame Analysis
2021-12-26 Myles Garrett Postgame Press Conference vs. Packers
2021-12-27 Kevin Stefanski: "Our whole focus is on Pittsburgh" 
2021-12-28 Denzel Ward: "We all got to do our job"
2021-12-28 M.J. Stewart: "We all believe in each other" 
2021-12-28 Joel Bitonio: "We gotta handle our business"
2021-12-30 Kevin Stefanski: "Big game, we know what's at stake" 
2021-12-30 Baker Mayfield: "We just have to do our job, one play at a time" 
2021-12-30 Anthony Schwartz: "Our mindset is this is the playoffs" 
2021-12-31 Browns Live: Week 17 at Pittsburgh Steelers
2021-12-31 Player Spotlight: Nick Chubb
2021-12-31 Mike Priefer: "What we can control is to go out and win this game on Monday night" 
2021-12-31 Alex Van Pelt on Baker Mayfield: "His confidence won't waver at all" 
2021-12-31 Play Breakdown: D'Ernest Johnson 30 Yard Run
2021-12-31 Myles Garrett: "What needs to happen is we need to go onto their field and get a W" 
2021-12-31 Jadeveon Clowney: "I'm back now and hoping to finish the season strong"