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Training Camp

5 things to know from Day 7 of Browns training camp

The seventh day of the Browns training camp was filled with big plays, plenty of hitting and a live 11-of-11 scrimmage that should give Cleveland an idea of what kind of team it's got heading into the preseason.

From Corey Coleman's big night to Tramon Williams' thoughts on the Browns new-look defense, here are five things to know from Friday night's practice.

Corey Coleman flashes potential, but Browns won't 'anoint' him quite yet

Friday night offered a glimpse into the kind of potential rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman offers the Browns. The first-round draft pick from Baylor found himself on the receiving end of a handful of big plays, including a long touchdown pass from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"That's what he does. He's not doing anything that comes as a surprise, I've said it before, that's why we drafted him," Jackson said. "He's a tremendously talented young man and he's got some growing to do."

Indeed, Jackson made it clear Coleman's acclimation process to the NFL is still a work in progress.

"I don't want to anoint this young man yet, it's way too soon and I'll be the first to tell you that. Has he shown some very unquestioned ability? Yes he has. So I want to give him that," he said.

"But at the same time, he knows there's some things I'm expecting him to get cleaned up real fast in order for him to be the type of player he can be.

Coleman, who fielded questions from reporters following the session, offered a similar take on his performance.

"I think I did decent," he said. "There were some plays I messed up on and some plays I did good on."

Coleman, asked what he needs to improve on, added: "I'd say as a rookie, and for all the rookies, (it's) the playbook. Some stuff is difficult but you just have to stay in that playbook and really focus and take pride in studying that thing because that can keep a lot of people from not playing."

Tramon Williams heaps praise on Browns DC Ray Horton

Now entering his second season in Cleveland, cornerback Tramon Williams reflected on a defense that defensive coordinator Ray Horton likened to a "kaleidoscope" on Thursday. Most of all, the veteran zeroed in on Horton, who returns to the Browns after two seasons with the Titans, and the connection he's made with the players.

"The guy has been in this league, he's been a defensive coordinator for a lot of different teams and pretty much top-10 (defense) everywhere he's been," Williams said.

"And he's played the game, he's played the game. He understands the players and anything that we like, we go to him and tell him and anything we don't like, he won't call. For a player, that's big. So I like the chemistry with the coaches that we have."


Crow reflects on growth, expectations**

While the Browns run game sputtered Friday night, third-year running back Isaiah Crowell continued what's been a strong training camp.

"I feel like I've gotten off to a good start in camp," Crowell said. "I feel like I still have a long way to go. A lot of work to be put in."

After all, the Browns aim to have a run-oriented offense and he and Duke Johnson Jr. are expected to play key roles in making that happen.

"We've got to become a gritty group up front and find a way to make the run game go," Jackson said Friday. "And we will. I feel very confident about that."

This past spring, Jackson said the pair of backs are as "as good as I've seen in a while. Their talent is extreme."

Crowell said that belief motivates him.

"I appreciate that and that brings confidence because that lets me know my coach believes in me," he said, "and I know I have what it takes and I'm looking forward to it.


Take a look at the seventh day of Browns Training Camp at the facility in Berea.

'He makes playing football so much fun'**

One name that might be flying under some radars is second-year wide receiver Rannell Hall. The speedy Central Florida standout has looked sharp thus far in training camp and said on Cleveland Browns Daily on Friday he hopes to continue that momentum into the preseason.

"I've always been confident and comfortable thanks to the coaches and the players who have all been helping one another," he said. "Every day I just come out and give 100 percent effort and just show my God-given ability."

In particular, Hall heaped praise on senior offensive assistant/wide receivers coach Al Saunders, the longtime coach who enters his first year in Cleveland.  

"Before we even got to the facility, just talking to him over the phone, just a positive guy with so much knowledge for him to come back and coach with us and share that knowledge, it's so fun," Hall said. "He makes playing football so much fun, just like the younger days."

Desir learning at safety

Browns defensive back Pierre Desir on Thursday described his first three years in the NFL as a "learning experience."  Now, Cleveland has him learning a new position as the Browns have him testing the waters at safety.

"I think the last time I played safety was freshman year of high school," said Desir, who started six games at corner last season. "After that, I played corner and wide receiver. It's definitely new."

But Desir said he's embraced the move. "When I heard about the switch, I always feel that the more you can do, the better," he said. "Whether they want me to play corner or safety, I'm just going to do whatever I can to help the team."

The Browns — whose new-look defense is still taking shape — have said they'll put players in position to be successful and, sometimes, that includes changing positions or learning a new one.

"We're going to try to find a place for a lot of guys and see if maybe they are a little better here than they were there. That's really important for our football staff is trying to improve guys and put them into position so that they can have success," Jackson said.

"We like him. He's long, talented, but maybe we might find a different area where he's better suited to play. He has cover skills because he's played corner quite a bit, but boy, to see him go in there and play safety, too, is exciting to me because he gives us a different element back there."​

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