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Training Camp

5 things to know from the Orange and Brown Scrimmage



COLUMBUS — **Robert Griffin III's passes were crisp and his decisions appeared sharp Saturday afternoon, as the Browns held their second-annual Orange and Brown Scrimmage here before a lively and energetic crowd.



]( Griffin, who enters his first season in Cleveland following four years with the Redskins, spoke of leadership and playing with confidence as he vies to be the Browns starting quarterback.

"You don't try to lead. Those words don't go together. You just lead," he said following the team's eighth day of training camp.

"It's something that comes natural. Guys are going to look to you. At the quarterback position, you have to have those qualities. It's not about trying to lead. It's about just going and doing it."

Here are four other things to know from Columbus.

No starter at QB...yet

Speaking of Griffin and quarterbacks, Jackson said the Browns haven't made a decision on who will be the team's starter at quarterback, though they could be near a consensus.

"Oh, I'm close. Very close," Jackson said, laughing. "We'll know here pretty soon exactly what we're doing. I'm going to go back and talk to the people that I trust and that I spend a lot of time with making these kind of decisions, and we'll move forward."

Jackson, who said last week he'd like to name a starter before the preseason opener Friday at Green Bay, has been adamant Cleveland makes the "right decision" at quarterback. Because of that, the Browns have approached the past few months with careful and measured evaluation.

"It's just about coming out every day and proving it. We want to make sure that everybody earns their spot, earns their keep, and that's everybody's goal," Griffin said. "Every time they step out on the field, they want to put their best foot forward and show coach what they can do. He believes in all of us, so it's a lot of fun to go out every day and just prove it."


Pryor makes most of homecoming**

In his second appearance at Ohio Stadium since starring at quarterback for the Buckeyes from 2008-10, Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor shined in his Columbus homecoming, catching two touchdown passes that brought the crowd to its feet.

"He's done a tremendous job. There are a lot of guys that I can say that about, but he's definitely one. He has taken this opportunity and he's trying to make the most of it," Jackson said, adding, "I think we see the fruit of his hard work. That's what it is. He's worked extremely hard and that's what you see."

Pryor, who seems poised to play a big role on the Browns offense next season, played down the buzz surrounding his impressive outing.

"We have special group – our offensive line, running backs. Corey Coleman had a great day yesterday. Somedays, other guys have great days. It's just how we operate," he said.

"For myself, just to make plays is coaches calling the right calls and the QBs putting the ball where it's supposed to be. That's it. I'm just doing my job. That's my one-11th is to make a play when the ball is in the air, and that's it."

Reflecting on Coleman's big Friday night

Though Corey Coleman sat out the scrimmage for precautionary reasons (hamstring), the rookie Browns receiver was still a much-talked about subject in Columbus following an impressive showing Friday night.

"He's got dynamic ability. His speed and the way he tracks the ball is incredible. He's a strong kid, a confident kid," Griffin said.

"You just have to keep working with him. He is a rookie, but he's not playing like one. We want that to continue when the lights come on and the live bullets start to fly. We'll stay on Corey, and Corey is going to stay on himself. He'll be a pro about it."

Offensive firepower

While Pryor stole the spotlight Saturday, Jackson said what's encouraging about the Browns offense is the number of capable playmakers who might be able to shine on any given afternoon.

Asked if the Browns put Pryor in position to star in front of Ohio State fans, Jackson shook his head and smiled.

"No, you know what's interesting – one night it could be this guy, the next night it could be that guy," he said. "No, he wasn't. We didn't set it up that way. Obviously, that's the way it's going to be for our football team.

"One day, it might be Corey (Coleman), another day it, might be Terrelle and the next day it might be Hawk (veteran receiver Andrew Hawkins). It could be a lot of different people, and that's the fun part about our offensive football team. We have some guys that can make some plays."​ 

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