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Training Camp

Browns assistant coach press conferences - 8/12

Defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker:

On DB Denzel Ward's performance in his first NFL game:

"I thought that he did a pretty good job. He played 16 plays. The one play was a third-and-2, coming across in motion – the taunting play. Just continuing to help him understand situations. All in all, in 16 plays not too bad."

On what Ward still has to learn:

"Just situational football, understanding the situations. It was third-and-2, coming across in motion flat footed. Just knowing where the sticks are and being able to play off of that. In terms of his skillset, his skillset is there. He just needs reps in games."

On having confidence in Ward:

"There is no question. Game reps and understanding situation football is going to help him even more so with his skillset."

On players sometimes being surprised by how physical Ward is playing:

"Yeah, I always tease him about that. He is not a scared player. He definitely has some punch in his play. Do not let his size fool you."

On if the taunting penalty was a teachable moment for Ward:

"No doubt about it." 

On if the taunting penalty was a result of a rookie error or the NFL strictly enforcing the rule in preseason:

"I would say probably a little bit of both. It was the first big hit in his NFL career so I am sure he got a little excited, but at the same time, you don't want to do things like that to hurt the team."

On if he immediately knew that the penalty on Ward was taunting rather than the hit:

"I thought that it was the hit actually. Then obviously, they said that it was the taunting."

On the CBs' development as a unit:

"After one game, I would say OK. There is definitely room for improvement. We just have to get our hands on more balls. I think that is always going to be something that we talk to these guys about. After one game, I did not think that it was too bad at all."

On DB Terrance Mitchell:

"The one thing about Terrance, he makes a lot of plays. His biggest nemesis was two plays for us, one play for the other team. I think that he has done a good job of making plays and not giving up plays. Plus, he is a pretty aggressive tackler, too. I just felt like he was doing a lot of good things from a playmaking standpoint and from a tackling standpoint."

Quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese:

On how the QBs played against the NY Giants:

"I was really excited about what I saw on the field live and then tape backed all those things up. Those guys did a nice job, very aggressive mentality and put the ball in places where our guys could get it and make some plays on the ball." 

On the upside of QB Tyrod Taylor at this point in his career:

"If you go back to spring and when we had the same visit with you guys, I think it is the tip of the iceberg for Tyrod. I think he is an untapped player in the league. He has done some really nice things so far in the league, and I think it is only going to get better."

On indications for Taylor's strong upside:

"He was accurate. He pushed the ball down the field. He is smart. His progressions went smoothly. Those things give you confidence."

On QB Baker Mayfield's pocket presence against the NY Giants:

"I was really excited about it. We drill it. It is part of his game naturally. All of those guys did a nice job of moving in the pocket and creating time and space, which is an opportunity for our guys to shake loose."

On importance of finding passing windows for shorter QBs:

"If you make plays, you make plays. It really does not matter."

On Baker's preseason debut:

"Like I said, he did a great job. We are really excited to see what is next. It is always good to see what you have live. That was our first time for all of these guys with a chance to get hit in the side of the head, what are you going to do now? Those guys really showed well."

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