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Training Camp

Browns asst. coach press conferences - 7/29

Defensive line coach Clyde Simmons:

On the duo of DL Myles Garrett and DL Emmanuel Ogbah:

"It is a big thing. They are­ two good players, really good players. Emmanuel getting hurt last year and Myles being hurt on and off earlier in the year, it kind of threw us for a little bit with movement stuff. (DL) Carl (Nassib) came in and played well and (DL) Nate Orchard played well for us. I am grateful to have depth."

On Orchard:

"Nate is a jack of all trades. He has played linebacker. He can play defensive end. He can even get down there and play tackle if you need him to. I really appreciate what Nate brings to the table. He comes is and is a leader in the room. He is a consummate pro. I can't say anything but good things about the man."

On DL Jamie Meder and DL Trevon Coley working with the first group:

"They are working really hard. They work really well together. It is always competition, friendly. (DL Larry) Ogunjobi and all of them are pushing them. They are pushing each other. They are making each other better. I can't say enough about these players. They are good guys. They work hard. They are young and energetic. They are great. They come to work every day. I really appreciate what they do for me."

On if any DL have made 'significant physical changes':

"Carl is a little bit bigger because he is so long – he is like 6-6, 6-7 – you won't see the size changes in his body from a typical guys who is smaller more locked up guy. Carl has gotten bigger, and it is showing in his game."

On what the Browns want to see from Ogunjobi during training camp:

"I want to see him continue more and keep pushing Meder to take the starting job. Keep being who he is. Less mental errors and all of the stuff about going the wrong places and stuff, which is not a lot for him. Just keep competing, and all of the stuff will wash out when the wash is done."

Offensive line coach Bob Wylie:

On the state of LT:

"The state of the left tackle is the state of the union. (OL) Shon (Coleman) is fighting. He is doing well at the spot. He is. We brought (OL) Greg Robinson in, and he gets a concussion. Now, we put (OL) Austin (Corbett) back out there to take the spot. We are waiting for (OL) Desmond (Harrison), we keep working with Desmond every day with the mental part of the game. You see him back of the huddle taking [mental] reps. You see one of the coaches like (offensive quality control coach) Brian (Braswell) stays with him and goes over assignments with him to make sure he is on page. We are waiting for him to get back on the field."

On confidence one of those four players will be able to hold on as starting LT:

"Yeah, whoever it is, like I said earlier, whoever that guy is we will make a decision and we will work with that guy. If we need to do something to help it, with formations, protections, with the backs, all of that stuff, we will do that. We want to try to keep the four together as long as possible."

On potentially moving OL Joel Bitonio to LT:

"That is the last [option]. If you were going to go A down, that would be Z. That would be Z."

On OL Shon Coleman leading the league in holding penalties last season and how he has improved:

"I think what happened is when guys hold a lot, it is because they are afraid to fail. They are afraid to get beat. They are afraid to fail. You can't be afraid to fail and play at the highest level you need to play at so you have to go play. If you make a mistake, you make it. Play the next play. Do not be afraid to fail. What happens is you try to reach out and they try to grab because they do not want to lose the guy, and then we get the holding call. You have to get them out of that mental state of not being afraid to fail, and then the calls will come down."

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